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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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"R" rCredits For You?

What are rCredits?

The rCredits system is a cooperative mutual credit organization providing online credit card, debit card, and cash card services.

In this economy, it’s hard to find US Dollars to pay for things. With rCredits we can fund what we need, without having to depend on US Dollars. rCredits are simply a way for us to give each other credit in our local community, so that, in effect, there is more money to go around.

You can spend rCredits and be paid with rCredits just as with US Dollars.

More money for you, more money for local businesses, more money for the community.

Wanna know more?

We will be holding a series of open meetings to further explain rCredits to interested individuals and business owners.

The next session takes place in the Brooks Memorial Library Meeting room on Tuesday, July 14, at 7 p.m.

Also, you can read this article in “The Commons”, Wednesday, June 3, 2015 • Vol. X, No.22 • Issue No. 308 :

When you swipe this card, it keeps our money local” by Sylvia Rhomberg

Remember: Not “their” credits, rCredits!


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starting something

This seems very much like the alternative currencies long discussed here on iBrattleboro. There was a discussion years ago about the Ithaca system, and alternatives to that. Lise did some great stories about the creation of money, too. Dig through Ye Olde Archive to find lots of good stuff.

My question: RCredits have been mentioned now for a while in Brattleboro - has the program actually started here, or is it mostly informational meetings and discussions? Anyone signed on yet? Any plans for starting?


A few answers

There’s a small group that calls itself “ BENE” (Better Economics for Neighbors Everywhere ) that has been meeting Wednesdays @ 6:30 at the old rectory behind the Stone Church. We’re still in the process of organizing ourselves for a Fall rollout. Anybody is welcome, but for information, it would be better to come to the session at the Library on July 14 at 7PM.
We have all signed on, plus a few others, but we’re still working on which businesses to approach and how. Greenfield has had a functioning rCredits organization since December 2013. Other groups are starting around the country.

Here’s a great animated video: “The Essence of Money” www.youtube/watch?v=u07uwCpcau8

BCTV has a program this week on Channel 8:
Monday, June 29, 2015
3:30 am Organic Politics: Applying for R Credits 5/7/15
3:30 pm Organic Politics: Applying for R Credits 5/7/15
Thursday, July 2, 2015
4:00 am Organic Politics: Applying for R Credits 5/7/15
Saturday, July 4, 2015
6:00 pm Organic Politics: Applying for R Credits 5/7/15

Full disclosure: rCredits is a project of Common Good Finance P.O. Box 21, Ashfield, MA 01330


Did I mention...

Using a mutual credit exchange like rCredits is completely legal in the United States, as long as we pay the taxes levied by governments on the transactions, such as sales tax.


Hope there is a good response

This is a tried and tested way of boosting a local economy, and adding to businesses' available cash by allowing some local transactions to be handled with this sort of credit. The more businesses involved, of course, the better it works and boosts.


Business participation

I'll be interested to see how many businesses agree to participate -- from the research we did before, it seemed as though that would be the tough nut to crack. Also, are there tax implications to this? Will Uncle Sam get jealous and try to take our bargaining chits away?


July Special Guest

We are privileged that William Spademan, a Software Engineer and the “Brains” behind rCredits and Common Good Finance will be attending the July public meeting (Brooks Memorial Library Meeting room on Tuesday, July 14, at 7 pm) to expound on rCredits and answer questions. Don’t miss this great opportunity.


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