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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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The Brattleboro Shop Opens, With Love For Old Lettering

The Brattleboro Shop is now open.

As most people know, I’m a big fan of both Brattleboro and local history. I’ve combined those two passions into a project that others can enjoy - The Brattleboro Shop. It’s an online gift store with exclusive, unique Brattleboro-centric gifts and goodies. 

My fun comes from re-making old logos and designing retro-looking artwork. It’s good practice for me to study old lettering and to try to imitate old poster styles, and it is joyful to give some of these old designs new use.

You get to benefit by having access to some really neat, new, unique Brattleboro gifts.

Just look at some of these letters. Here is an “E” from a J. Estey logo. I love the way the middle line of the letter pierces the upright and goes back through it. I'm also intrigued and amazed that the background outline shape (light blue) doesn't match the foreground shape (dark blue) at all. Who thought this up? How?

Or take a look at the “R” from an Estey Organ Company logo. It is from the "organ" part of the logo. I’ve been working with letters and type my entire life and have never seen such a R. I love that inner curl, and the way the tip of the r comes to a point, facing straight down. Such creativity.

I really enjoy the ‘W” of this Vermont Wheel Club logo, too (below. The Wheel Club was Brattleboro’s bicycle club, with club rooms on Elliot Street. They used to have an annual ball, and regular races and competitions. The W here features some interesting flourishes, with curvy, bold outside lines and a center that seems to be topped with a little person. I like that the center isn't a single line, too. It crosses and doubles back on itself. And we haven't even mentioned the rather prominent wings giving the logo some lift.

In addition to lettering, I’ve been having fun re-creating other Brattleboro icons. I’ve re-made both the Main Street and Centre Church clock faces, and created a series of posters celebrating Brattleboro’s ties to circus arts.

I’ve also been practicing my vintage poster art, and creating a series of travel posters showing off Brattleboro landmarks. So far I’ve done the Brooks House, ski jump, and Retreat Tower. I have a few more on my to-do list, too.

(These are all done using original photos or scans. I bump the size up tremendously and work at a high resolution. I use Photoshop to place points and define vector curves, outlining each "layer" of the original and creating new, real layers in the software. I typically work in greyscale until the shapes are correct, then I work on colors. If the original has colors, I'll try to match it. If not, I improvise.)

You can find iBrattleboro merchandise. There are farmers’ market greeting cards, using photos of fabulous foods, and even some skateboard (Brattle Bored) designs. Poke around the Collections to see everything. 

I’ll be adding things on a regular basis, so go ahead and bookmark the link to the page, or look for the ad here on iBrattleboro and click on that to get there.

We get a nominal percentage of all sales, so your support helps us keep doing what we do. Spread the word, and treat yourself to something nice.

Finally, if there’s something you’d like, let me know. I’m taking requests.

The Brattleboro Shop is at your service.


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Congratulations! What a

Congratulations! What a wonderful shop! From just a quick look right now my favorites are: all of the Framer's Market cards- these would be wonderful to send or to put on my fridge; the " Write where you live" mug and the " ibrattleboro; Available for Comment' t shirt. What a quirky and beautiful selection of Brattleboro-isms to send to friends and family far and wide. Love it!



It's a fun project - history + design + Brattleboro.



Great gift ideas


More on the way

Thanks. Feedback appreciated!

I should add I'm also using my love of World's Fairs and amusement parks in this, to a small degree. I like thinking of Brattleboro as its own little theme park every so often. We have the authentic Main Street that Disney spends so much to re-create. And we have characters! One art project I'd love to do, and am currently thinking about, is to do a "park map" of Brattleboro, showing attractions, photo spots, etc.

Today's additions include an Asylum Journal masthead, and some S.A. Smith logo items.

Requests welcome.



I'd like more Asylum Journal stuff!


Will do.

I'll see what I can do. : )

I should note - Zazzle is having a sale almost every day of the year, and you can frequently take 10 or 15% off, so always look for the codes at the top of their site and never pay full price.... : )



Great job with your new shop - tons of great fun items! I particularly like the Estey collection and may have to treat myself to a new apron. ;-).


getting started

Thanks. I'm passing the snow day working on a poster for Centre Church. Lotsa lines!

FYU, Just about anything purchased at this point will be entirely one of a kind... : )



A new Centre Church poster, and all posters as postcards now, too.


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