"Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to." - John Ed Pearce

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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Celebrate Life: Viva La Vida - A Poem For You by Namaya


The new book Celebrate Life: Viva La Vida is out!  It is available at Everyone's Books and Art Rageous in Brattleboro. It is also available at Amazon.com. here is a poem from the book. Enjoy!

Be the Rose

I never expected miracles as a Homeopathic physician, but I was open to the possibility. A woman came into my office, who was an alcoholic & apparently abused, a spirit more broken than mended. On her breast rising up to her collar bone was a rose tattoo. After two hours of listening in the spirit of compassion and love, I gave her a homeopathic dose of stramonium. A remedy, as I saw it, for “One who was lost in the wilderness without their tribe.” I didn’t expect to see her again, there are too many wounded spirits in the world, who cannot find their way home.

About a year later, an attractive woman came to my office and she said, “You don’t recognize me? I saw you about a year ago and you gave me some small pills.I didn’t think much of it, but afterwardsI had a dream about how my life could be different. I realized I didn’t have to be a victim nor trapped in the lies.”“Yes, I remember you, but you’ve blossomed.”“It’s strange you said that, doctor. Before I met you I had felt like the sludge in the sewer, now I feel like the rose growing from that sludge.” After she left, I looked up stramonium in my reference book, “Grows in refuse and dung heaps.” Be the rose.


The new book CELEBRATE LIFE: VIVA LA VIDA by the
Vermont poet & storyteller – T. Namaya has just been released and availble
at books stores.  Readings/ performances
and book signings are being schedule.

 Books can be
ordered directly through your Ingram account or we can fulfull the order

  Samples below on Amazon link.  And audio. 
http://amzn.to/2sK94Q9  -
Celebrate Life Kindle and print book. Audio Tracks and CDS: Celebrate Life


Celebrate Life Review In
Brattleboro Reformer

" Some of the poems and stories make you giggle, others make you
feel regret, but they all make you think, and they have a common thread of
prodding the reader to take the time to notice the simple things — told with
subtle humor and vivid imagery."  Cicely Eastman -Editor Reformer

The poet Wendy Baez Brown said, “The joy flowing through these poems and
stories is contagious. As you read this book, you will be immersed in the
belief that our lives are precious and glorious, to be savored and shared.
Namaya’s quirky sense of humor shines through these pages as well as a profound
curiosity about human beings and an appreciation of each moment he gets to have
with us..”

Seven Days Magazine - "Namaya is a modern day Thoreau in a world gone

Vermont Standard,  "Down home

Life: Viva La Vida -Stories, poems, and songs that celebrate life, love,
travel, relationships, and his neighbors told by the renowned story teller
Namaya who is described as a

 "A Vermont Treasure." by Vermont
Life Publisher David Haskins


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