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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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Arts section

Hays Portrait Series Celebrated

With Brattleboro artist William Hays ending 25 years' presence in the downtown on Main Street, several of us have gotten together to try to honor his contributions to our community's cultural life. Accordingly, we are seeking places to display portraits by Hays which are part of his Brattleboro community portrait series.

We'll anchor these Hays retrospective displays with a front-window feature of two of his best-known portraits, those of 'Nina' (NIna Singleton-Spencer, now the bass player for The Snaz), and of Wayne London, the iconoclastic psychiatrist / metaphysician who is founder of the Brattleboro M.A.S.H. Unit (Metaphysical and Spiritual Healing).


After Images / Amy Arbus - April 30 through May 24 at Mitchell - Giddings FIne Arts

April 2015, Brattleboro, Vermont --  Thursday, April 30 an opening reception for an exhibit of acclaimed photographer, Amy Arbus, will be held from from 5 - 8pm at Mitchell • GIddings FIne Arts at 183 Main Street, Brattleboro. 

The exhibit, After Images, will run from April 30 to May 24 and is a series Arbus made in 2011 and 2012 to payhomage to her favorite painters such as Balthus, Cezanne, David, Ingres, Modigliani and Picasso. The images will seem familiar to most viewers. They are photographs of live scenes staged to replicate the powerful effects of original paintings from the early 20th century, Arbus's team painted costumes, props, and the models themselves. What has materialized is a series of hybrid images that challenges the thin line between painting and art photography.


Sharon Myers Presents: The Wedding Gown Project

Sharon Myers is known as a caterer in Brattleboro. She is also an artist who is about to receive her MFA in Fine Arts from Heartwood College of Art in Biddeford, Maine. She works with fabric, mixed media and sculpture. She has drawn on her multiple talents to create a moving installation called "The Wedding Gown Project." For those who are beyond first (or second or...) marriages there is much in this exhibit that will resonate. Everyone will be drawn in by both the artistry and the execution.

The "Wedding Gown Project" is up for only two days, Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12 at the seventh entrance in the C. F. Church Building at 80 Flat Street. Hours on Saturday are 3:00 - 7:00 PM and on Sunday from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.


Cai Xi: Reception, Demo, Conversation: The Art-Food Connection - Sunday April 5, 2-4pm

C.X. Silver Gallery (http://cxsilvergallery.com/) is pleased to present 'In The Box', a recent series of mixed media abstract paintings by Cai Xi. Please join us for conversation with Cai on the Art-Food Connection and hands-on demonstration. Cai will demo how to make 盒子 (hezi) - or 'boxes' - a wheat flour mini-dumpling-based dish. Audience participation will be welcome.

Cai: "I look at my life the way I look at a blank canvas.  In front of the blank canvas, there are millions of opportunities. Putting brush to canvas zeroes in on one opportunity to savor. Each opportunity creates and adds to what I call the whole of the art experience. Each instance of this arrival at one-among-many is a part of my art creation process - eating, working, playing."


Scale and Presence: An Exhibit of the Monumental Vessels of Stephen Procter Comes to Mitchell-Giddings Fine Arts

Scale and Presence is an exhibit of masterly crafted large scale ceramics on display at Mitchell•Giddings Fine Arts, 183 Main Street, Brattleboro Vermont. The show will run through April 26, 2015 highlighting a new body of work by Brattleboro artist, Stephen Procter.

Known for the disciplined lines and unglazed surfaces of his historically-inspired monumental vessels, Procter’s more recent work revels in the sensuality of curves and the painterly effects of layered glazes. Whether austere or exuberant, these vessels transcend the usual experience of pottery and broach the realm of sculpture. Alongside human-sized vessels, Scale and Presence will introduce a series of smaller pieces and non-traditional shapes including colorful wall pieces, called "orphan lids."


The Artist's Loft Final Gallery Walk

The Artist's Loft has overlooked Main Street for almost 25 years and this will be the last Gallery Walk for William Hays' studio and gallery.

Hays opened The Artist's Loft Gallery and studio in June of 1990. It has been in continuous operation since that time. Although initially the gallery showed the works of a variety of artists, in 1995 the gallery began presenting only Hays' work. He says, "After a few years of being an artist and operating a gallery with rotating shows , I became exhausted by organizing the exhibitions each month. Besides, I had enough of my own paintings to fill both rooms of the gallery."


Mary Wilkins's story, "Revolt Of Mother," on the Write Action Radio Hour this Sunday

Sunday March 15, I will be reading aloud, " The Revolt of Mother" by Brattleboro resident, Mary Wilkins, on WVEW, as part of the Write Action Radio Hour. This is one of her most anthologized stories, and is considered a small masterpiece. It is told with compassion, anger, attention to detail, and humor.

How her life in Brattleboro helped shape her life, is touched on in the following biography. In addition to "The Revolt of the Mother" we will also hear a brief newspaper account from the Vermont Phoenix, about the Hanson Tyler, the man she fell madly in love with, but whom declined her romantic overtures. He remained the love of her life, and themes of independence, as well as frustrated love, became repeated themes of her stories. The article is from the 1880's.


Opening Reception on March 7 for John Dimick's Exhibit "A Mix of Oil and Water"

West Brattleboro, Vt. -- The Arts Committee of All Souls Church is hosting an opening reception for “A Mix of Oil and Water,” an exhibit of oils and watercolors by John Dimick of Guilford, on Saturday, March 7, from 2 to 4 p.m. Three dozen works are featured, primarily landscape paintings and prints of scenes in the surrounding region. Several studies of downtown Brattleboro capture the town from unusual vantage points, such as along the railroad tracks. A few of the featured works are pairings of the same scene in both mediums to allow viewers an interesting comparison of Dimick's creative techniques.


First Wednesday Program at Brooks Library: Photography as Fine Art: Alfred Steiglitz and Camera Work

Photographer, gallerist, and magazine editor Alfred Stieglitz was a seminal figure in the history of twentieth-century photography.

Middlebury College professor Kirsten Hoving examines Stieglitz’s work and his advocacy for photography as a fine art, with special attention to his quarterly journal Camera Work. Wednesday March 4th, 7 pm - 9 pm. 


On Exhibit at Brooks Library in March

Lots of art at the Library this month! Mezzanine Wall & Main Floor: Student Art Month. The Arts Council of Windham County is inviting the community to join them in recognizing and honoring the many young people in Windham County who are involved in a wide range of the arts.

So, for the 34th consecutive year, they have set aside March as Student Art Month, a time to spotlight, through shows and events, the terrific kinds of work coming from our young people and the teachers and school programs which help these young artists to blossom. 


Write Action Radio Hour: Mary Wilkins Freeman's The Revolt of Mother, on WVEW 107.7 FM

Mary Wilkins Freeman is one of Brattleboro's "lost treasures" and on the third and fourth Sundays of each month,

Write Action will be featuring some of her best stories, as well as biographical and historical information.

This Sunday, February 22,  at from 5 -6 PM, the Write Action Radio Hour will offer a reading of "The Revolt of Mother", one of her most anthologized and critically acclaimed stories. Freeman's story, The Revolt of Mother, is one told with both humor, anger, compassion and detail. It's a small masterpiece. 


On Exhibit at Brooks Library

ON EXHIBIT at Brooks Library in February:

MAIN FLOOR: Sequencing paintings by local artists and students River Gallery School of Art. The RGS is a vibrant hub for Brattleboro's artistic community, with bright, spacious studios on Main Street overlooking the Whetstone Brook.

Founded in 1976, RGS offers classes, community workshops, and summer and school vacation programs for students of all ages.  Our core faculty members are all professional working artists, and teach a wide range of visual media including all types of painting, drawing, printmaking, and encaustics. RGS also partners with community organizations to offer classes to seniors and adults with physical and cognitive challenges


Come to the Write Action Open Read, Third Friday at 7:30

Do you write poetry?  Or perhaps you write prose ? Either way this Friday you will have a chance to read your work in front of an audience. 

This Friday, February 20th, is the third Friday of the month, and at 7:30 PM on every third Friday, Write Action hosts the Open Reading.

We meet at the Blue Dot Studio, in the Hooker Dunham Building to share our poems and stories. Each person gets about 7 minutes


Gallery At The [River] Garden Presents Works By Shawnna O'Connor, Sam Groves

Starting Friday, Feb. 6, the Gallery at the Garden features two exhibits: “Touring New England through Oil Paintings” by Shawnna O’Connor, and “Lights, Camera, Action….Motion Pictures,” an exhibit of photographic works by Sam Groves. Both shows will continue through February.

O’Connor is mainly a self-taught artist.  She uses oil paints to create bright works illustrating historic sites in New England.

She originally focused on smaller canvas depictions of cats.  After the 2011 fire that ravaged the Brooks House apartments where she lived, O’Connor began to paint larger pieces, featuring some of New England’s many historic landmarks.


Mary Wilkins Freeman's Story, "The Long Arm," On The Write Action Radio Hour This Sunday

This Sunday and every Sunday at 5 PM, the Write Action Radio Hour, brings ;literature to the air waves. This Sunday, I will be reading Mary Wilkins Freeman's crime story, "The Long Arm" My mission is to give it a reading worthy of the story, and worthy of radio. If you are interested in reading this story yourself, here is a link to it. 

This story was printed in numerous publications, including Brattleboro's newspaper, the Vermont Phoenix, in 1895.


Register For Classes At In-Sight Photography

We are open for registrations at the In-Sight Photography Project!

This semester we have a great selection of classes in both film and digital photography that are filling up fast. 

Students can get their photography fix from the following classes...


On Exhibit at Brooks Library: Anna Dewdney's Picture Books & Matti Salminen's Exhibit on Mental Illness

ON EXHIBIT at Brooks Library

MAIN FLOOR:  Local artist Matti Salminen curates an exhibit of works by other local artists in various media, about issues of mental illness.

2ND FLOOR CHILDREN: Picture book author and illustrator Anna Dewdney


On Exhibit at Brooks Library

On Exhibit at Brooks Library:

MAIN FLOOR:  Local artist Matt Saliman curates an exhibit of works by other local artists in various media, about issues of mental illness.

2ND FLOOR CHILDREN: Original hand-painted relief etchings by Brian D. Cohen from his recent alphabet book, "The Bird Book," with rhyming couplets about each bird by Holiday Eames


Show in Memory of Jamis Lott Opens at River Gallery School January 2nd

River Gallery School will display the work of Jamis Lott, artist, puppeteer, maskmaker, and philosopher, throughout January with a public opening during Gallery Walk. Jamis, along with his father Steve, was killed recently in Townshend. He was 28.

Since early childhood, Jamis had an exceptional interest in and talent for art. Along with his friend and teacher, Margaret (Missy) Stearns, he worked on art projects exploring his vivid imagination. When he was a child, she helped him collage a giant dragon, which hung for years in his family’s kitchen. They remained close and important friends throughout Jamis' life.


Spoken Word Showcase: Clara Rose Thornton, Nye Ffarrabas, and Alec Silver

Thursday, December 18, 8:30pm – 10:30pm, join us for a celebration of performance poetry in a unique visual arts environment.


  • Clara Rose Thornton, 2014 Dublin (Ireland) Slam Poetry Champion whose work examines memory, lust, social justice and racial injustice.
  • Nye Ffarrabas, innovator and word alchemist, active since the New York Fluxus scene of the 1960s.
  • Alec Silver, actor and enthusiast of language.

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