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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Unspeakable Saturday Night

Tomorrow evening, sixteen local residents will perform a public reading of "Project Unspeakable" at 7pm New England Youth Theater.  A facilitated discussion of the play and the issues, questions and feelings it raises for the audience will follow.

The script, with the exception of two Narrators and a young seeker of truth, is made up of actual quotes attributed to each of the dozens of characters portrayed. Saturday's cast includes Sophie Bady-Kaye, Frederic Noyes, Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, John Ungerleider, Bob Bady, Leo Schiff, Gary and Leslie Sullivan Sachs, Mary Kay Sigda, Greg Moreau, John O'Neal, Paula Green, RylandWhite, Tim Bullard, Debbie Lynangale and Amilcar Shabazz.

After three rehearsals and indivdual sessions with the director and principal playwright Court Dorsey, we are eager to share this moving and motivating story with the public.

Like The Vagina Monologues and The Laramie Project, Project Unspeakable offers the script to church groups, activist groups, book clubs and circles of friends for public and private readings. A generation of baby-boomers who have lived most of their adult lives in the rubble of shattered dreams, who have seen the great leaders of their generation slaughtered in officially whitewashed circumstances, are invited to come forward to insist that the truth finally be uncovered regarding this destruction of lives and visionary leadership.  In addition, Project Unspeakable offers young people a unique opportunity, not only to learn more about these four inspirational leaders of the 1960’s, but also to re-energize their recent efforts to confront current manifestations of the “Unspeakable.”

The Project has been endorsed by two dozen public figures, including Joan Baez, Martin Sheen, Joanna Macy, Medea Benjamin, Daniel Ellsberg, and Eve Ensler. Readings have been held across the country, from Seattle to Maine, and the NYC reading was showcased on National Public Radio.

Please join us Saturday at 7pm at NEYT for this special event. $10 suggested donation; doors open at 6:30pm.


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A very conspiratorial, yet compelling view of the “Unspeakable”

Mark Gorton is a prominent financier and a respected entrepreneur. He founded the music sharing site Limewire, and he runs Tower Research, a famed high-frequency trading firm. Gorton also believes that the "ruthless" secret cabal that assassinated JFK and planned 9/11 could be coming to kill his family.
Mark Gorton does not have a reputation as a crackpot. Quite the opposite. He's been favorably profiled in the New York Times for his business acumen and charitable deeds. His experience as the head of Limewire—which disrupted the music industry and then lost a $100 million lawsuit as a result—was closely followed by the press. And when Michael Lewis's blockbuster new book about high frequency trading was published recently, prominent media outlets turned to Gorton to learn what HFT firms are really like. The Huffington Post even dubbed him "the new face of Wall Street." He is a very respected and very wealthy man.
To give you a taste of what he believes, a brief excerpt on the JFK assassination:
The assassination of JFK was part of a full scale Coup d'état, the violent takeover of our government by a group of criminals. I have not the slightest doubt in my mind that JFK's assassination was the work of a network of criminals embedded within the political system and power structure of the United States. Key among the players in the Coup of '63 were LBJ; Allen Dulles and the CIA; J Edgar Hoover and the FBI; right wing Texas oil executives including Clint Murchison Sr., H.L. Hunt and D.H. Byrd; the East Coast business establishment centered around Rockefeller interests and the Council on Foreign Relations; Curtis Le May (chairman of the joint chief of staff), other right wing leaders of the military and elements of military intelligence; and the Bush family (both Prescott and George H.W. Bush)...

If you have sufficient curiosity and many hours to kill, you can see his opus “Fifty Years of the Deep State” here:


Americans have made it an art form

American history, post McKinley imperialism, runs deep will collusions, secrecies, conspiracies, cabal cliques, intrigues and the lot.

Human history has it too, but the Americans have made it an art form.


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