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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Drawing from the Visible World: Work by Alden, Bowen & Danaher: April 7-27 at 118 Elliot

Drawing from the Visible World, an exhibition of works on paper, paintings and sculptures by JASON ALDENPAUL BOWEN and MYLES DANAHER will be on view from Friday, April 7, 2017-Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 118 Elliot Gallery. The opening reception is on Friday, April 7, 2017 at 6:00 PM. The gallery is located at 118 Elliot Street in Brattleboro, VT. Gallery hours: Thurs.-Sat, 2-6 PM.

Drawing from the Visible World is an exhibition of work by JASON ALDEN, PAUL BOWEN and MYLES DANAHER. Each of these artists has an intimate connection to the things he sees, recalls, and imagines with care and refined attention. All three encourage the viewer to see everyday objects and surroundings from a fresh perspective, whether it is the flattened plane of a table in Alden’s paintings, the diamond-shaped holes in a bridge in Bowen’s drawings, or the late afternoon sky framed by the dark forms of trees in Danaher’s work.

For more info: Curator/118 Elliot Gallery Director, Lisa Mendelsund at lcmendelsund@gmail.com or 802-257-2757

Myles Danaher, Untitled Landscape, 2016, 8" x 12", oil on canvas


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This is going to be a

This is going to be a wonderful show so stop by if you can. My son,Jason is one of the artists participating - all of the work being presented is beautiful.


I got a sneak preview

I got a sneak preview last night while at the WVEW first-Thursday benefit.

Jason's large paintings were great! I love the large format - as an artist it scares me to work so big so I'm always impressed when others have the guts to work large. I really liked the table with the bottle on it. I wish I had a house or gallery to show it off in. : )

The long, narrow table on the far wall was another favorite.

Good stuff.


Thanks! I'll tell him. I love

Thanks! I'll tell him. I love that huge painting of the boat - I was lucky enough to be able to watch it's progress over a few months. These pieces may be some of his largest although he's done commissions that were pretty big, too. I'm looking forward to seeing the entire show tonight. It's kind of a "family" affair- Jason is in the show; I'm catering food for the show; Lisa who is curator of the 118 Elliot Gallery is my grandson's Mom and my grandson, Louie will be there to just be adorable and eat some hors d'ouevres. Fun night!


"It's kind of a "family" affair"

I'd like to get down to see that.

It's neat that your family is connected to 118. It's a wonderfully somewhat new addition to the Btown scenes.


Vidda, you should try to see

Vidda, you should try to see this show if you can. I think the gallery hours are Thursday - Saturday 2 - 6. This show is beautiful and the work by all 3 artists sits together in the space seamlessly. There was a nice turnout and lots of interesting conversations about various pieces of work. The catalog that Lisa put together is stunning. I have a very new connection in that my son is in this show and I was asked to cater it but Lisa does a fabulous job curating not only varied art exhibits but also a series of Art Talks that I think will become quite popular. I love the space. It's exactly what was needed in town to breathe new life into the art community. I think we'll see some really interesting events coming out of that space. Among the display of thoughtful and gorgeous art there was also a tribe of high energy 7 year olds who spent a good portion of the early evening taking turns riding on each others backs - so there was an equine quality to the evening as well.. :-)


I look forward to it Kris

I look forward to it Kris. Kudos to Jason, Paul and Myles.


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