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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Stop Jeff Sessions

Please,  if you agree with this information,  then pass this along,  and get friends from other states to also phone their Senators and speak out ..    

Move On Stop Jeff Sessions Video


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It's not a traion wreck

Take a deep breath. Find a way to make change. Sessions is not a train wreck. Recommend a different candidate and no more stopping.


How many racists, homophobes and bigots does it take to....???

The man is a racist; a homophobe;a misogynist to name just a few of his most endearing traits. He has fought against civil rights; the Voting Act; women's reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights. Basically he is against all human rights. If not a 'train wreck' what phrase should be used to describe him?
Nothing good for human equality will ever come from this person. He- along with most of his co-nominees are unfit to hold any position of power.


The early 60's were so much fun!

I'm not sure I'd call it a train wreck. That sort of implies he's been appointed and done something.

To me, it's more like he's a crusty old steam engine from an obsolete narrow gauge railroad, vitally in need of modernization and upgrades, yet some are considering him as a viable option for a mag-lev super train route.

To add to your list, he's stated that no good people have ever smoked marijuana, which might of of some concern to the states bringing in substantial tax revenue from it at the moment.


So...a train wreck in

So...a train wreck in waiting? Whatever we call him he will be disastrous for anyone looking to keep any of their current rights. As will this entire presidency.( just saying that word in conjunction with T*** makes me throw up in my mouth a little)
one of those "not good" people


Titanic wasn't a shipwreck either

It's widely reported that Sessions has said, "Good people do not smoke pot".

Not sure if that blanket statement is meant to target only hippies or points also to teenagers, grandparents, artists, athletes, Rastafarians, those seeking relief from medical conditions, astronauts, present and former presidents, hundreds of millions of people worldwide going back millennia...etc.


I think he meant all of those

I think he meant all of those you mentioned plus anyone in any country, universe or alternative reality who ever thought about, picked up, looked at or inadvertently smelled marijuana. And smoked, of course.He seems like a person who likes to cover all the bases when he's restricting something.


Confirmation hearing

I contacted reps today to suggest voting No on Sessions.

As I said before, I've decided to pick a few issues to stick with for the next few years (and support others working on their similar issues).

Sessions is concern to me in my categories of surveillance, encryption, net neutrality, and media (and, of course, for other reasons). He's been in favor of warrantless searches, for example. He does not seem inclined to dial things back, or make corrections to an over-reaching system.

So, I contacted reps to express my views. I doubt they'd vote for him, and I doubt they can stop his confirmation. : ) But, I joined others on record opposing him in this position.

As for the question as to whom to nominate instead, I'm not sure, but I bet there are quite a few people. It's okay to make a president withdraw a nominee and suggest someone else if the first choice seems exceptionally poor.

I think Sessions meets that threshold. Ben Carson probably not. The Exxon guy, maybe.


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