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Help for Houston?

Does anyone know of any group effort in town to get supplies to the folks affected by Hurricane Harvey?

I know that there is a dire need for both children's and adult diapers and wipes; underwear of all sizes and tampons and sanitarty pads.

These are all vital needs that are not supplied by shelters or large scale aid organizations.

I'm happy to help with some type of effort if people are interested. I've already donated to several on the ground local organizations but these people are going to need help and supplies for a very long time. It would seem that Brattleboro - having been through the destruction of a hurricane ( although certainly not the unimaginable devastation that has happenedin Texas) -should be good place to get a town wide effort going.

If this is something you're interested in helping with or if you or someone you know are already collecting items please let me know either on this site or at : lkristinealden@gmail.com


Kris Alden


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Crisis Map


This crisis map extends from Ft. Worth to New Orleans back to Laredo. Click on each orange and blue house icon to pinpoint a location to give directly. An information pop up box gives contact details.


Thanks for posting

Thanks for posting this,Vidda. As many people have I've already donated money to several local organizations. I don't give money to the Red Cross or United Way. They both have questionable histories in terms of how effectively their donations are managed and where the money actually goes.
I have friends who are now in the Houston area helping and the items I listed above are in very short supply so several agencies are asking for those to be shipped directly to the organizations. These seem like pretty necessary basic items that would be quite debilitating to be without.
I'm ready to buy and ship a couple of boxes of these but really hope this could be a town event.


Complex web of support areas

I agree Kris. With the Red Cross and the others where you don’t know where the help and money goes (including the 8 billion Trumpf is proposing) doesn't help.

The link I posted here this afternoon listed the actual contact info to help the shelters directly. The same link now shows a different type of map for the same area. But it’s a testament to the complex web of support areas that will be needed for a long time.

The hard question is exactly who and where can a local group here (or individuals) send “children's and adult diapers and wipes; underwear of all sizes and tampons and sanitary pads” directly to those in need.

The possibility of “Irma” heading to the east coast and we may find ourselves in equal need of resources, here, but also Boston, NYC, Jersey, etc.


I actually have the names and

I actually have the names and shipping addresses of specific Houston based organizations that are only taking the items listed in my original post.
One organization is only giving out underwear; The Texas Diaper bank is exactly what the name implies- supplying diapers for children and adults who need them; the period project is distributing tampons and sanitary pads. There are many groups that are handling food, water, clothing, blanket distributions ( although I'm sure they still need donations) These more specialized items are not readily available at shelters or from any of the larger organizations. ( This, in itself, speaks to a huge disconnect from effective aid in disasters. Why isn't it anticipated that families would need diapers and underwear? That women's menstrual cycles do not stop for the weather). I'm somewhat surprised and a little disappointed that there isn't a larger outpouring of group support for this.
Maybe people are burned out from the disastrous climate we're living in or have already maxxed out their giving budgets? I don't have the answer.



Even this little taste of Harvey today (Sunday) is a lot of rain....

Don't forget that there is a lot of time to give. Needs will remain long into the future.


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