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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Get Great Coffee as a Reward for Helping African Farmers Get Organic Certification.

A donation for as little as $7 can make a difference, and yes, you get a cafe drink as a reward. It really is that easy.

Mocha Joe's has helped more than 50 farmers get organic certification.(To make the program sustainable they need to certify many more.)

Mocha Joe's is also helping to set up a fund so that the farmers can avoid taking out loans at rates that are as high as 200%. How? By funding the local credit union. Every dollar we raise, helps create that fund, and help the farmers join the credit union. 

The farmers in Cameroon are earning more for their coffee, especially now that  some of them have been certified organic. When you smell coffee being roasted in Brattleboro, you're not just smelling beans for you cup of morning joe. You're smelling direct trade, organic coffee, coffee grown without exposing workers to fungicides, insecticides, herbicides. You see, its pretty hard not to say yes to this. So, say yes, its easy. 

Maka a donation now, and get your coffee rewards. Hell, if you live in Brattleboro, you are going down to the cafe to get something to drink anyway. And if you don't live in Brattleboro, you can have great coffee shipped to you. 

Did I mention this easy? Here's the link.



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Two Excellent Goals

Some of the funds raised will help the farmers obtain USDA organic certification.

Some of the funds will be used to help the farmers access funds at the credit union.


A little less than $300 dollars after day one

My hope is that we can turn this into a monster.

I mean, this whole project seems so Brattleboro - y.

Creating a sustainable loan program for Organic Coffee growers in West Africa ?

Helping more farmers get organic certification, so that they have less chance of getting exposed to pesticides, and we get great coffee ?

Getting reward with coffee drinks, at Mocha Joe's, right here in town?

This has got to be the most Brattleboro campaign ever.


Just donated to this very

Just donated to this very worthy cause. It's really a win - win situation; so easy to make a donation; your money helps hard working farmers grow and harvest their coffee beans in a sustainable, safe and healthy way and you get free, delicious coffee for your donation! Thanks for making us aware of this initiative, Rolf.



We should have a cup of coffee sometime.



Yes! Perhaps at Mocha

Yes! Perhaps at Mocha Joe's....


Fancy Coffee Drinks at Mocha

We could get Fancy Mocha's or some such.
Maybe we could even have a fancy coffee drink party with a whole bunch of people.
Like maybe 1,000 of them.
Well, that would be too many, but you get the idea. A bunch of folks celebrating helping the farmers, and celebrating with their coffee. Each cup representing a $7 donation. Now, that would be cool.


I like it! talk to my boy,too

I like it! talk to my boy,too - he likes fancy coffees..


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