"Too few people understand a really good sandwich."  - James Beard

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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What the town of Brattleboro, VT needs to make it the perfect place to live is:


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Fewer Liberals?

I guess the "old guard" does read iBrattleboro.


You know why people don't

You know why people don't like liberals?




How does that explain why "people" don't like liberals?
Sounds like the opposite to me - a plea for a return to the liberal values of Jefferson and the founders.



Clearly (or so I thought), I was not offering a published scientifically derived causal explanation for anything. It was only a quote taken from a particular scene in some popular American *television show* which should not to be confused with established formal knowledge (giggling loudly now).

Clearly (or so I thought), I was not offering a published scientifically deduced causal explanation for anything. It was only a quote taken from a particular scene in some popular American *television show* which should not to be confused with established formal knowledge (giggling loudly now).

The quote, that mocks how smart Liberals often perceive themselves to be, even in the face of a world with exponentially increasing social and global injustice, domination, and horror, reflects a common observation (common is defined here as: I have heard it spoken for decades; e.g., “Liberals can’t stop talking amongst/to *themselves* while others are organizing to WIN.”) I also believe this to be true based on my own lifetime of personal observations working for change (like, for example, the time 30 years ago when Ronnie Regan was King and a small group of us marginal non-heterosexual liberals were brainstorming on how to raise some initial funding to increase community awareness about the new gay plague that was killing off queens at an alarming rate and there was a robust (at times heated) internal debate and conflict over whether vegetarian moral values needed to guide our rather desperate survival efforts, and whether we should host a “Red Ball” “White Ball” or “Black Ball” as our inaugural fundraising event, that side railed the entire shebang. Very soon after, about 45% of those in that room, including some committed vegetarians and those with a preference for formal evening ware, were dead. Not that a gala ball would have prevented that horrific outcome, mind you, but you get my point? That’s one of my favorite, albeit small, contextual examples of: “What the HELL just happened here, folks? ”

Anyway, the opposition efforts to the skatepark process and the recent election results in Brattleboro were what inspired me to share the above television segment, which seemed to be capitalizing on many social and political truths, for entertainment purposes. To me, given the poll results here referring to too many liberals in town, it was kind of humorous. That’s all. :)


Talking is Bad!


Liberals are hated because they talk???

I know you're not being serious but I also can't tell what the joke is.

I do know this:
that a lot of liberal dysfunction has been caused by outside agents infiltrating groups as innocent as a bunch of peace activists baking cookies to raise money for their activities in Oregon (Oooo, scawy) - see Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911.
It's an old established right wing, police state tactic to infiltrate left wing groups to keep tabs on them, but also to push toward more illegal and outrageous behavior so the leaders can be arrested.
I don't think that happens on the right until you get way out to the militia end of things.

And furthermore, Fox News and Frank Luntz exist to paint liberals in a bad light - it's in their mission statement.
So this poll to some extent indicates their success.


A quote from popular culture, not a right wing conspiracy ...

The quote I found mildly entertaining, was Jeff Daniels’ character noting, “You know why people don’t like (Note: not “hate”) liberals? Because they lose (Note: not because they “talk”)! If liberals are so fucking smart, why do they lose every goddamn thing?” (or something similar. I can’t listen to it again for purposes of accuracy, because I’m all laughed out right now. But he also skewers conservatives)

Be assured that, in my silly little example (but no less true), our little gay neighborhood coffee klatch/death vigil in 1983 was not infiltrated by right wing vegetarians or Republican fashion police. We were just a bunch of informed, aging cha-cha queens scared out of our skulls of waking up with purple spots on our feet or terminal pneumonia with a goal of trying to move our little grassroots humanitarian effort into the main stream gay cocktail lounge/disco crowd so we could try to save some sisters, all during the victorious 8 year reign of the ‘ol “Gipper” that followed the defeat of Jimmy Carter. We ended up arguing over the rightousness of vegan tabouli and the potential reach of cumberbuns.

The same is often said of why the liberal academy is so often chided in statements like, “How many studies must count the number of hungry people before we actually DO something to TRY and feed them?” After all, it ain’t robust data,rigorous research methods, nor endless in depth analyses that advance a movement or create revolution. It’s engaging people beyond sanctimounious liberal circles and institutions, followed by ACTION.

I always thought Hofstadter’s book somewhat missed a very big point; it should have been called “Anti-Intellectuals in American Life” – because the hard working, laboring masses - who are so effectively organized by non-liberals in order to *WIN* (thinking now of Mr. Allen's number of votes and subsequent victory) - find endless, often self-serving, discourse (in the face of repeated defeats) such a total snooze.


Downtown Bypass

This is a great idea, and I think that as Brattleboro rises to greater fame, fortune, etc., we may eventually see it come to pass. But it would probably require quite a bit of money to build, if it is done this way:

Brattleboro comes up with a detailed and phased plan for, and eventually builds, a durable esplanade (boardwalk or walkway) stretching northward from the railroad station area, along the river-facing sides of the buildings on the east side of Main Street, and connecting with the River Garden and the lots near Merchants' Bank and the Congregational Church. This is built one floor below the Main Street sides so that each building acquires an additional commercial store-front, thus doubling its commercial participation in our festive, arts-and-education-oriented downtown.

Then a series of walkways, elevators, etc., are built linking the esplanade with another, lower level that stretches in places to, or across, the railroad tracks and down to another boardwalk or walkway along the riverside. Thus the esplanade and walkway connect or merge with hiking trails going up and down the river to the yet-to-be-built new Hinsdale bridge, to the current Route 9 bridges to New Hampshire, to the West River Walkway system (of course), and across the current Hinsdale-Brattleboro bridge, which by this future time is closed to vehicular traffic.

Also stretching over the railroad tracks or near to them, north and south, will be a two-lane vehicular bypass that is entered (northward) from what is now "malfunction junction" (SO much better after no vehicles cross that current bridge anymore), up and over the tracks headed northward, and merging back with the current streets at, perhaps, Walnut Street near St. Michael's School or possibly even going further north to merge somewhere along Putney Road. This will GREATLY alleviate downtown traffic and may even enable Brattleboro to close part of Main Street to vehicular traffic, much as Burlington has done with Church Street.


Over the Tracks

"Also stretching over the railroad tracks or near to them, north and south, will be a two-lane vehicular bypass"

This is pretty much the way I've always imagined it.


time for a monorail

Sounds like the Brattleboro monorail authority is needed again:



ha ha ha

Now there's a vision we should go for!

Will dogs be allowed? Flatlanders? Can we ride nude? Will this be solar, wind, or nuclear powered? Can it be built from recycled, salvaged, or organic materials? Will it include an exercise facility? Should we make an artistic statement that reflects the Brattleboro Town PLan? And just WHO will be reviewing and approving the development plan and design (assuming that there is an actual plan) and issuing the building permit?


It wasn't me, but it was I

I just wanted to say that it wasn't me who posted the write in suggestion that more UFAUX's on South Main Street would be what would make Brattleboro a better place, (perfect even). I was delighted of course that someone else wrote that in.

But, I was of course the person to vote for that option. And I mean it.

One of the reasons I moved to Brattleboro was because there were so many adults taking part in the Riff Raff Regatta. Town spirit and good hi jinks are part of what make a town great place to live. We need a Literary festival, we need Harris Hill, we need good schools, the Women's Film Festival, WVEW, our community all access Radio, BCTV, and Harris Hill, to make Brattleboro what it is: a fun and good place to live.

And we need more UFUAXs. But maybe not over South Main Street. Tipping our hand a little bit, I will say that we have figured out how to get a zip line over downtown Brattleboro, and have the best mother of all UFO's waiting in the wings. Actually, it is hanging above my head here, as I type in my living room.


More well paying jobs of course . .

Now seriously, creating a lot of well paying jobs would help Brattleboro, maybe even as much as creating a fleet of UFAUXs. Not that any town should have to choose between two such laudable goals, of course.


To answer the question

I think more improvements to make the central part of town walk/bike friendly is most important.

Second would be far better public transportation moving frequently through Brattleboro (from Main Street to West Bratt and Putney Road, for example) and reaching to outlying towns.

Third would be moving the train station so the train stopping doesn't clog up Malfunction Junction (and all of Main Street and part of Canal Street). I think this may be in the works already?

I love the idea of a boardwalk on the river and making that area pedestrian-friendly. However, I'm more concerned about addressing the empty store fronts and crime issues we already have on Main Street.

Making our town easy to access without a car is top priority in my mind.


iBrattleboro Poll

The amount of confidence I have in local (not national, not state) media to get the facts right...