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The Recording Angel statue has arrived safely in Washington, and is soon to be exhibited there. Permission has been obtained to set it up in the Rotunda of the Capitol, where it will be most accessible to members of Congress and visitors in the city. Mr. Mead is now engaged in modeling a figure for a statue to be placed on the dome of our State House by order of the Legislature.


H. N. Houghton has received a patent for his wine and cider press.


The revival at the Baptist church is still in progress, with very encouraging results.


The Brattleboro Ice Company have their crop about half gathered, and the ice is of excellent quality. They have storage for some 1,200 tons.


The heavy fall of sleet last week did considerable injury to fruit and forest trees in this vicinity.


We are likely to see a larger drive of logs go past here the coming season than ever before. A force of 600 men, 160 horses and 46 oxen are getting out the logs in the forest near the head waters of the Connecticut.


Hawley is just home to-day from New York, and on Saturday will be ready to show a large and attractive collection of Hamburg embroideries, new table damasks, white goods, ties, ruchings, black cashmeres, cretonnes, &c.


Selectman Hall has the work well advanced on his part of the annual town report, and the auditors will begin their examination next Monday. This year’s report will be much more detailed and explicit than ever before.


The large audience of the sterner sex which gathered at the town hall last Friday evening expecting to see in the Clemenceau Case something rich, rare and racy, was disappointed. The performance was entirely proper in character, and the opera glasses were laid aside when Iza, the model, appeared in her winter costume. The posing was in reality one of the best parts of the performance, but the play was weak as a whole.

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West River, Retreat Meadow

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Rick Perry

Rick Perry is the governor of Texas and will be Until January 21, 2015. He was a Republican candidate for President in 2012 and has been mentioned as a possible candidate in  2016 (Sorry, Jeb).

On August 15, 2014, Perry was indicted by a grand jury on felony charges for abuse of power. He was accused threatening a Democratic District Attorney who had been convicted of drunk driving.  The indictment received some support and also wide criticism from all sides of the political spectrum, and editorial criticism from major US newspapers.  He has not been convicted to date.


Brattleboro Time Trade - Week of December 28

Brattleboro Time Trade:

Exchanging services, creating connections, strengthening communities, one hour at a time.

See below for exciting Upcoming Events and learn what Time Trade is all about!

This week's fabulous listings, brought to you from holiday detritus:


I'll Teach You Tiny Habits
Indoor Vermicomposting Guidance
Reiki Master Treatments
Class: Inner Child Connection & Healing
Class: Creating Money, Abundance, & Prosperity
Class: Connecting with the Psychic Self


Who Knew? - Walking Sticks Revealed

I ran across a recent discovery.com article about King Tut's virtual reconstruction. Using 2,000 computerized tomography (CT) scans of the pharaoh’s body to conduct a "virtual autopsy" an image is "built" that shows Tutankhamun naked except for wearing a loincloth.Looking directly into the "camera," he looks as if he is posing for the picture.

The reconstructed photo shows him standing holding a cane to support his club foot. At first, I thought something was odd about the image. Tutankhamun’s damaged foot is his left foot, but contrary to my expectation he is holding the cane in his right hand.


Happy New Year! Will This Be The Year The State Legislature Obeys The Vermont State Constitution?

Happy New Year! I would like to share this LETTER TO THE EDITOR I wrote to THE VERMONT JOURNAL which they Pubished Dec. 18, 2014

My favorite fantasy is to imagine men in Vermont in the 1770's riding their horses across the hills and mountain trails, splashing naked in the hollowed gorges and streams, and fighting for their freedom.


The Panominousican

When Jeremy Bentham, in the 18th century, devised his ingenious architectural structure to revolutionize detention, little did he know that his idea would infiltrate every aspect of society. The simple premise of a central eye which sees everything, yet itself remains unseen, may have had a precedent in religious order, but aside from the Illuminati symbol which later appears atop the American dollar bill, no such mechanism was actually in place in any edifice near or far.

The Panopticon was designed to change schools, hospitals, asylum, and all manner of buildings committed to reform. However, execution was impractical, and its realization hardly employed.


I Come To Bury Representative Town Meeting, Not Run For It

How is Representative Town Meeting (RTM) better than the "normal" open Town Meeting that every other Vermont town uses?

Taken on its own merits in a vacuum, RTM is a fine concept. But we don't live in a vacuum; we live in the state of Vermont. If there were 30 people running for 14 seats, and there were platforms and discussions and a system of accountability between representative and those being represented, then it would be great - but we have 14 people running for 30 seats and it's not clear who's representing what. If there were so many people attending Town Meeting that it was impractical to allow everyone to participate in a Robert's Rules style meeting, then I can see where RTM would be a good alternative - but space doesn't seem to be an issue.


Brown & Roberts Year-End Sale — Gone!

When it was announced that Brown & Roberts Hardware was being sold, my first thought was, "there goes the year-end sale."  I shop at B&R year-round of course, but I especially liked the pre-inventory sale which, for decades, was held between Christmas and New Years.  The fact that everything in the store was discounted a bit was fun for the wallet, but I also enjoyed saving up a list of  things, often as mundane as a certain size of wood screw, a kitchen utensil, some glue, a weird wattage light bulb, which I could have bought at any time but didn't seem to get around to.  Then on around December 27 I'd go in and load up on cool, mostly useful, stuff, surrounded by other afficiandos doing the same.


New Route for Amtrak

Trains will now stop in Greenfield and Northampton instead of Amherst. This project replaces the Palmer backup move and combined with already completed work in Vermont and work in Connecticut to be completed by 2016, will take an hour and a half off the schedule.

The faster running times are not yet evident.  Seven separate slow orders remain on the new line as construction is finished up.  Rather than try to run the new schedule while it's not yet achievable, Amtrak has kept the running times in Vermont the same for the time being and will introduce the new schedule in the spring.  Trains will leave Vermont points about half an hour later than they do now and arrive about half an hour earlier in the evening.  Top speed in Massachusetts will be 79 mph.


Miracle on Westervelt Avenue

Grace had just turned 5 one day before Christmas Eve, and Eve would be two the day after Christmas. It was 40 years ago. 

We had been reading chapter books, one chapter each night. It was time to pick up our current book, Wind In The Willows. Tonight happened to be Christmas Eve, but the coincidence of our having come to the chapter about Rat an Mole’s Christmas Eve celebration did not dawn on us... at least not at first. 

(Story link)

I read about how Mole and Rat had finally found Mole’s cozy home under the snow, and were setting in comfortably when they heard voices outside:


Happy Holidays 2014

I'm hoping you are getting some warmth, food, and rest in the coming days. Perhaps a present or two, too.

With holidays and such, things may slightly slower around here for the next week or so. We'll be checking in and making sure things get posted, but we're also going to try to enjoy some time with the family.

A big thank you to everyone who adds their thoughts, comments, news, and events to iBrattleboro. A big thanks to all our wonderful advertisers, as well. Click on their ads and ennjoy their services.


Brattleboro Selectboard Special Meeting

The Brattleboro Selectboard will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 at 7:00am in the Selectboard meeting room at the Municipal Center. It is anticipated that the Board will enter into executive session at approximately 9:00am to discuss the appointment or employment or evaluation of a public officer or employee.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Vermont Veterans' Home on VA Priority List for $1 Million Grant

BURLINGTON, Dec.22 – U.S. Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today welcomed a Department of Veterans Affairs announcement that the state-run Vermont Veterans’ Home in Bennington is in line for a nearly $1 million federal matching grant.

The Bennington facility is on the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs’ priority list for construction grants during the coming year.

“I am committed to working with the state and the VA to ensure the veterans’ home can make these much-needed repairs,” said Sanders. “The men and women who have served our country in uniform deserve quality care in a safe home.”


Accident This Evening on 119 & Old Brattleboro Road

My partner witnessed an accident on Brattleboro Road- 119 and Old Brattleboro Road this evening at twilight. If he hadn't slowed down he would have been involved. But he saw a car driving really fast down Old Brattleboro Road and that made him cautious. Then he heard the impact and then... 

We don't know if everyone survived the accident. One car was on it's roof and partly up a tree. I hope it was not a terrible as it looked. 

Robyn Flatley


Brattleboro Christmas Holiday Schedule

In observance of the Christmas holiday, all Brattleboro Town offices will close at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, December 24, and will be closed all day Thursday, December 25, 2014, with the exception of emergency services. The offices will resume normal hours on Friday, December 26.

Brooks Memorial Library will close at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, December 24 and will be closed on Thursday, December 25. It will resume normal hours on Friday, December 26.


Do You Trust The Government?

You’re not alone.

Pew Research has just published a report that shows Public Trust in Government plummeting between 1958-2014

See more here: Link


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