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Today In Local History


On Saturday last the proprietors of the Hotels and Saloons, six in number, were brought before Royall Tyler, Esq., on complaint of the grand juror, for violations of the liquor law. They all plead guilty, and were severely fined $10 each and costs, all of which they readily paid.


The Brattleboro post office was robbed on Monday night of money and stamps to the value of about $2000. It is thought that the fellows left town on the early train south. Brattleboro officers are on their track.


The “poor widow” with two children - a girl of about seven and a boy of fourteen - who have been wandering about in this vicinity for the past week or two for the pretended purpose of getting employment, is pronounced to be a fraud. Look out for her.


The Dickens medium is now engaged upon a Christmas story.


The end of the week will see the entire sub-structure of the Brattleboro & Whitehall railroad, including both road bed and bridges, completed and made ready to receive the rails with the opening of spring.


We regret to learn that, as a pecuniary “benefit” to the proprietor, the Crosby hall dedication was not a success.


W.H. Childs used the money he won on election wagers to buy 20 turkeys which he distributed among 20 poor families who must otherwise have gone without such a luxury - a very happy way, certainly, of letting others taste the fruit of Mr. Childs’s own satisfaction in Cleveland’s election.


The asylum family at their usual Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, consuming some 40 turkeys and 60 chickens.


The water began running into Crowell’s reservoir yesterday.


Callender’s minstrels, the genuine colored article, are to play at town hall to-morrow evening. They are accompanied by the celebrated Hyers sisters.


Dr. Holton secured the passage of a bill incorporating our village school district. The status of the district is in no way changed by the act.


The Zo-Zo company is booked for the town hall Dec. 16.


Mary Howe sang for the first time in New York on Tuesday evening, when she appeared as the leading soloist in the opening concert of the seventh season of the Musurgia, one of the leading musical organizations of the city.


The death of Mrs. Edward Crosby took place at 8:30 last Saturday morning.


Brattleboro Food Coop doubles size, changes membership structure, remodels an entire store, and changes locations to site of former Finast grocery store.

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Latest Stories

Power Outage on Western Avenue

Does anyone have more information about the current power outage effecting parts of Brattleboro?


Vermont Jazz Center (in collaboration with Next Stage Arts) Presents: Sofia Rei Quartet

Vocalist Sofia Reí is everywhere these days: This fall season alone she will tour to Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Florida, she’ll drop in at the Vermont Jazz Center on October 30th at 8:00 PM, make music in her adopted city of New York and then travel to Austria and Germany to play with her trio. This Argentinian singer is making a splash everywhere she travels. Her versatility and brilliance have the New York Times claiming: “the passion and clarity with which she assayed a tricky mix of South American rhythms and jazz-inflected harmonies made clear why she has been embraced by New York City audiences from Carnegie Hall to the hippest downtown haunts.”

On Friday, October 30th at 8:00 PM, Sofia Rei’s concert will mark the first collaboration between the Vermont Jazz Center and Next Stage Arts. Their managing teams agree that Rei’s complex yet accessible music fits both of their individual programming goals while supporting their shared vision. Rei’s repertoire is comprised of rich original compositions set over a well-spring of rhythms from Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Peru. Her music is naturally diverse and inherently beautiful and it thrives on grooving rhythms illuminated by carefully crafted arrangements and uncompromising musicianship.


Brattleboro Selectboard Special Meeting, October 27, 2015

Tuesday night the Brattleboro Selectboard will hold the first of two public hearings on the town’s new land use regulations. The new zoning rules are up for a final round of public discussion and comment, and a final opportunity to propose changes, before likely adoption in the near future.

At this special meeting, they will also officially announce a series of public meetings to discuss the Police-Fire Facilities project, and possible pre-select pre-qualified engineering firms to perform brownfield site assessments.

You can attend and participate, and bring up other items not on the agenda during public participation.


Brattleboro Citizen Police Communications Committee Meeting Agenda

The Brattleboro Citizen Police Communications Committee (CPCC) will meet on Monday, October 26, 2015 at 5:30pm at Brooks Memorial Library in the community room.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Dosa Kitchen Transitions

Thanks to everyone who has come out to eat at Dosa Kitchen this season! 

Our last day parked at Grafton Cheese Village will be this Saturday, 10/24.

Then we'll be taking Dosa Kitchen indoors to the Brattleboro Winter Farmers' Market, Saturdays from 10-2. Stop by Friday or Saturday before we pack up the truck, where we'll be making our sunshine squash masala and green tomato chutney. And pick up a Dosa Dollar to use at the winter farmers' market. We'll be open 10-2 both Friday and Saturday. 


Firefighters Speakout

NYC Firefighters Speakout
     Evidence of fraud and cover up is disclosed.
                                      Official 9/11 story is challenged.


37th Annual Putney Craft Tour

37th Annual Putney Craft Tour Named Top Ten Vermont Winter Event and Approved as an Official Vermont Arts 2015 Event Thanksgiving Weekend -- November 27, 28, 29 2015

PUTNEY, VT—For the second year in a row, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce has named the Annual Putney Craft Tour as a Top Ten Winter Event (2015/16). The tour has also been approved as a Vermont Arts Council 2015 event. Also of note, the tour is the oldest continuing craft studio tour in North America.

The Putney Craft Tour invites visitors to this craft rich area of Vermont to meet the 23 makers on this year’s tour including blacksmiths, glass blowers, potters, jewelers, weavers, woodworkers – even artisan cheesemakers Part of the fun is meandering through the beautiful Vermont countryside, following the map to find these prominent craftspeople and view the works where they are conceived and created. Putney and Saxtons River, VT. Visitors may start at The Gleanery Restaurant, 133 Main Street, Putney and/or at the Putney General Store for info, maps, and a preview exhibition of the artisans’ works. www.putneycrafts.com


Upper Dummerston Road Closing

Upper Dummerston Road will be closed to through traffic on Thursday, October 22, 2015 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm between Senator Gannett Drive and East Orchard Street to replace a culvert.

Emergency services, delivery vehicles, and local traffic will NOT be permitted through the closure during those hours. Motorists must seek alternate routes.


Brattleboro Land Use Regulations Selectboard Hearings Scheduled for Oct 27 and Nov 10

The hearings will be at 6:15 p.m. in the Selectboard Meeting Room at the Brattleboro Municipal Center.

The final draft is available for review online and at the Brattleboro Planning Services Department, Town Clerk's Office and the Brooks Memorial Library.

This is an entirely new set of land use regulations that will affect the entire town, replacing the current Brattleboro Zoning Ordinance and Brattleboro Subdivision Regulations. More information about the proposed regulations, how the new regulations will implement our town plan, and the proposed zoning map are available on the project website.


Let's Talk Returns to BCTV

Catch the return of the popular weekly talk show 'Let's Talk About Mental Health' as it kicks off it's fourth season on BCTV.


Orfeo Crucificado

Jesus wasn’t the first.

Ancient Greek stone carving of Orpheus


Bruce Lisman?

Newly announced Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Lisman is calling for a two-year moratorium on new industrial renewable generation projects.

He calls solar arrays “eyesores”. I suppose he sees beauty in nuclear and fossil fuel generating stations.
What is his real agenda?


He's (Not) In.

So, Joe Biden is running. I'm somewhat surprised - I thought he might feel that his family couldn't take the stress and drama of a campaign so soon after the death of his son. I'm sure he and his family were torn about the decision.

I like Biden. Despite him having to constantly remove his foot from his mouth. Or maybe because of it.

Not sure yet where he'll fall in the Hilary/Bernie dynamic in terms of voter support. I'd vote for him over Hilary.

The race just got a little more interesting.


Brattleboro Senior Meals Weekly Menu - October 19 to October 23

Brattleboro Senior Meals Menu October 19 to October 23

October 19 Meatloaf

Mashed Potato w/Gravy

Peas & Carrots

Tropical Fruit


The Sign of the Cross - Cristo Crucificado

Why anyone should wonder that Americans are such a violent society is beyond me. Most of us grew up in everyday sight of Christian crosses.

And, because the cross became such a ubiquitous object of worship and veneration, society is blinded by a whitewash of respect for it.The incredibly brutal graphic depiction of the crucifixion, real or imagined, is with us every day of our lives as an ever-present reminder of the violence woven into the consciousness of our social fabric.

The story behind the cross represents a literal pictogram of the worst characteristics of human nature.


5:45 Live: 10/16/15

All the latest on the police fire upgrade project, new developments from the NRC with VY's plans for the decommissioning trust, WSESU officials break down what Act 46 means for the region, and much much more on this edition of BCTV's media round-up.


BCTV Schedules For The Week Of 10/19/15

BCTV channel 8 schedule for the week of 10/19/15

Monday, October 19, 2015

12:00 am A Fleeting Animal: An Opera from Judevine

2:00 am Senior Moments: Erik Nielsen - Opera

3:05 am Efficiency VT: Heat Pumps

4:25 am The 7th Kornguth's Annual Soapbox Derby

4:30 am Cannabis Conversations: Why Legalization?


Team Democrat

The recent presidential debate gave us a chance, finally, to see all the Democratic candidates on the same stage, defining their positions and their differences. Although I'm pretty sure already who I'm voting for, I'm not sure it was possible to declare a clear debate winner. If you viewed this as an undecided, which I've tried to some extent to do, Hillary was good but clearly well-rehearsed while Sanders was himself but not rock solid. The other three candidates, Chafee, Webb, and O'Malley, had their strengths and weaknesses in varying measure. But there was no big moment, no knockout punch. I came away thinking that adherents of different flavors of "left" would come to different conclusions about who did best.

But although there was no decisive victory for any one candidate, the debate gave us a chance to look at some options, displaying more diversity than might have been expected among five members of the same political party. To our benefit, this played out in some marked differences of opinion and a few strange bedfellows.


Brattleboro Time Trade Listings - Week of October 18

Brattleboro Time Trade:  www.brattleborotimetrade.org Exchanging services, creating connections, strengthening communities, one hour at a time.  See below for more exciting Upcoming Events and learn what Time Trade can do for you!

How Time Trade Works: You do something for someone and earn
time credits for your "bank," which you can then put towards someone
else doing something for you! It's that simple - and amazing!

This week's fabulous listings, brought to you from a whole lotta layers:

OFFERS (i.e. things people could do for you):

Gardening, Weeding, Mulching
Wide Range of Experiences
How to Run Safely
Gardening Help
Can Drive, Though Do Not Own a Vehicle


Music, Storytelling and History - All At A House Concert Nov. 5

Those around Brattleboro who remembeer the Chelsea House will remember Sparky Rucker from his many visits there in the ‘70s. The Chelsea House may be gone, but Sparly and his wife, Rhonda, are back for a house concert on Nov. 5.

Sparky and Rhonda's music includes a variety of old-time blues, Appalachian music, slave songs, and spirituals as well as originals, and they accompany themselves with fingerstyle picking and bottleneck blues guitar, blues harmonica, old-time banjo, piano, spoons, and bones.

The Ruckers also weave American history, traditional storytelling, and humor into their concerts, and they have been featured tellers at the International Storytelling Center and Festival.


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