"Each genius differs only from the mass in that he has found freedom for his greatness." - Robert Henri

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Today In Local History


Mohair Shawls! 1 Doz. more of those heavy nett Shawls, just received and for sale low by Dutton & Clark.


We were a little too hasty a week or two since in announcing that spring had come and summer was close at hand. The Almanac proves itself utterly unworthy of confidence.


A painful rumor is in circulation that Elbridge Gerry, formerly of this town, but lately of Osage Mitchell, Co., Iowa, has been murdered by the Indians. We trust the rumor will prove unfounded.


The Lawrence Water Cure is now open and ready for the reception of visitors. Its accommodations were never in better order, nor its capacity greater for the entertainment of guests. It is not yet determined, we believe, whether the Wesselhoeft Water Cure will be re-opened or not, during the present season.


The Home Guard now musters some fifty men, at company drills, and a considerable degree of precision is already attained by them in executing the first movements of the manual. We learn that less than fifty nurses have volunteered to share the perils of the campaign with the Guard.


Wesselhoeft Water Cure, the first of its kind in the country, has been in operation sixteen years and it was never in better order or more popular than at the present moment.


A severe thunderstorm accompanied by hail visited this section Saturday morning of last week. In the vicinity of High street the ground was nearly covered with hail stones some of which were three-eighths of an inch in diameter.


Company C. of this village have removed their head quarters to Fayetteville, both for the economy of boarding and as a “means of grace” in the avoidance of the temptations incident to a large village. They marched from this village Sunday morning and were about four hours on their way, a distance of 12 miles. The will probably remain there until called into rendezvous.


The selectmen have decided to lay a new street, running from Main, opposite Walnut, to Forest street. This will open some desireable building lots and prove a great convenience to many.


The Wilmington stage will begin running on its summer schedule on Monday, arriving in Brattleboro at 9 o’clock a.m. and leaving at 4 p.m.


Four Swede girls, employed as domestics in this village, taking advantage of the present low ocean rates, will sail from Boston tomorrow for a visit with friends in Sweden. The fare from Brattleboro to Gottenburg, steerage passage, is only $25.70 - cheaper for most of us than staying at home.


The extensive Brooks House improvements, which include electric lights, new plumbing throughout, and the large extension in the rear, are rapidly nearing completion. New steam laundry appliances are now being put in place.


The barbers have all agreed to close their shops on Thursday evenings, beginning week after next. A good thing to do.


Gibson’s auction sale of 55 horses takes place tomorrow.


Gold ore found at farm of Wm. H Mann of West Dover, valued at $538.06 per ton.

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"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." - Cicero

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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I-91 Brattleboro Bridge Replacement Project Update: Week of April 26


Northbound I-91 traffic has been relocated onto the southbound bridge. Traffic will remain reduced to one lane in each direction on I-91 until completion of the new bridge. The new bridge will be 104’ wide and is designed to carry all four lanes of traffic –two northbound and two southbound.

Route 30

Night work adjacent to Route 30 will continue this week, but will not affect traffic.

The speed limit on Route 30 near the work zone has been reduced to 40 mph. Project-related truck activity on Route 30 will continue. Route 30 will be reduced to a single lane intermittently both day and night, with flaggers regulating traffic within the work zone.


Ethnocide in the Green Mountain State

While this is an event, it's such short notice I'm posting it as more of a PSA. A presentation by Prof. Fred Wiseman in Bradford, VT tomorrow (Sat., 04/24/2015) at 1 pm... this is a story which has not been told as openly as it merits.

Not just history, this is the ongoing situation of the Western Abenaki, the indigenous people who lived - and live - right here. Vermont, the poster child for tolerance and progressive politics, can do better. Link here.


Brattleboro Selectboard Agenda and Notes - April, 28, 2015

Brattleboro will adopt the PACE program, if all goes as planned, at the next (ir)regular Selectboard meeting on Tuesday at the Municipal Center. Issues between the Town and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation have been worked out and documents have been revised.

The rest of the agenda is a mix of liquor license approvals, grant applications, and items postponed from their previous meeting. Falling somewhat by the wayside for the moment are the previously scheduled presentations about comprehensive reviews of town operations and presentations about the changes to Brattleboro's land use regulations. 

You can attend in person, or watch on BCTV. Feel free to bring up other items not on the agenda during Public participation.


Noticed Around Brattleboro - Spring 2015

Time for another installment of “what have you noticed in Brattleboro recently?”

Here are a few to get us started:

- Brattleboro Savings & Loan is building a new branch office at Black Mountain Square, near their ATM and next to the Radio Shack.


Brattleboro Citizen Police Communications Committee (CPCC) Meeting Agenda

The Brattleboro Citizen Police Communications Committee (CPCC) will meet on Monday, April 27, 2015 at 5:30pm in the Brooks Memorial Library community room.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Brattleboro Traffic Safety Committee Meeting Agenda

The Brattleboro Traffic Safety Committee will meet on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 8:30am in the Selectboard meeting room at the Municipal Center.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Take The "U" Out Of JUKRISLIMS!

The misappropriation of 'Unitarian' into the collective initialism of JUKRISLIMS remains one of the worst things to happen to human spirituality since the days of Leviticus.

Lumping Unitarians in with Christians is the same to me as lumping Unitarians in with the Jews, and lumping us in with Mohammedans and Krishna worshippers is even worse. Doing so has effectively denied Unitarian people a rightful place of their own, and has jeopardized our future. It would be equally offensive to me if Republicans had misappropriated our Unitarian lifestyle.


Camp Waubanong Makes Big Changes

Camp Waubanong is undergoing significant changes, and as a result it will not be operating this summer. Camp Waubanong is currently working with the Vermont Wilderness School (VWS) to craft a newer and better administrative structure, ensuring that the camp will thrive for many years into the future. The plan is to transfer stewardship of the camp and its facilities to VWS by the end of 2016.

The Vermont Wilderness School (VWS), based in West Brattleboro, has been providing nature-based mentoring programs for children and adults for fifteen years.

VWS's approach is a natural fit with Camp Waubanong's mission, and they share a dedication to keeping the camp's tuition affordable.


Hear Ye - May Day at the Statehouse

     May Day at the Statehouse!   For a number of years now there has been an ever-growing public event celebrating May Day on the Statehouse lawn.  I went last year and was among 600 or so people having a very stimulating day. This year more than a thousand are expected.   Everyone is invited and urged to join in.  There is a big parade through the streets of Montpelier, speakers, a childrens tent, free lunch for all and a long line of organizations that are actively working and fighting for a just and sustainable future for Vermont.  It's the largest annual gathering of activists in the state.  And its a lot of fun.  Activities run from noon to 4 PM.  Its a great place to meet people who are doing things.


Sanders: Slow Down Fast Track

WASHINGTON, April 22 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today opposed an effort to rush legislation through a Senate committee in order to hurry congressional approval of a controversial trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Sanders invoked a Senate rule to stop a morning meeting of the Finance Committee to mark up the so-called fast-track bill.

“This job-killing trade deal has been negotiated in secret. It was drafted with input by special interests and corporate lobbyists but not from the elected representatives of the American people. Instead of rubber stamping the agreement, Congress and the public deserve a fair chance to learn what’s in the proposal,” Sanders said.


End Polluter Welfare Act

WASHINGTON, April 22 – As the nation marked Earth Day, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) introduced legislation to close tax loopholes and eliminate other subsidies for the oil, gas and coal industries.

Subsidies for polluters now in place are projected to cost taxpayers more than $135 billion in the coming decade.

Sanders’ Senate bill and Ellison’s companion measure filed today in the House would remove tax breaks for fossil-fuel industries and ensure that taxpayers receive a fair return for energy resources owned by the American people and make research into renewable energy a national priority. The measures also would prevent companies from escaping liability for spills or deducting cleanup costs from their taxes.


The Stockwell Brothers at Mole Hill Theatre on Friday, April 24

Mole Hill Theatre presents contemporary bluegrass and folk music trio The Stockwell Brothers on Friday, April 24 at 7:30 pm.

Bruce, Barry and Alan Stockwell's music spans traditional and progressive styles, but their trademark acoustic
sound features new singer/songwriter material recast with banjo, alternative rhythms and three-part harmonies. They cover straight ahead bluegrass songs, finger picked acoustic guitar ballads, full tilt breakdowns and traditional mandolin tunes mixed in with more unusual fare - Americana melodies riding world beat grooves and Celtic, jazzy, even neo-classical instrumentals.


Threefifty, Lizzy Mandell and Paul Siegel at Next Stage on Saturday, April 25

Next Stage Arts Project and Twilight Music present an evening of acoustic/electric indie-instrumental and folk-pop music by Brooklyn, NY-based guitar duo Threefifty, plus Vermont-based singer/songwriters Paul Siegel and Lizzy Mandell at Next Stage on Saturday, April 25 at 7:30 pm.

Formed at the Yale School of Music, and molded by the multi-faceted music scene of New York City, Threefifty incorporates elements of post-rock, folk, minimalism and Baroque classicism. Guitarists Brett Parnell and Geremy Schulick compose predominantly instrumental songs, which range from the epic to the intricate to the austerely beautiful. They have toured throughout the US as well as in the UK, Austria and Bosnia, released three albums and performed at TED Talks, BAM’s most recent Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Festival and NPR’s Soundcheck. "Outstanding guitar work... intelligent, deep and subtle" - Guitar Player Magazine


Fantastic Wantastiquet - A Multi-Disciplinary Fall Foliage Arts Festival

I am proposing a multi-disciplinary arts and cultural festival to take place annually in and around Brattleboro during the 'fall foliage' season. In practical terms this will mean from the beginning of September through the week following Columbus Day.

Here are some thoughts about the Festival which I have recently put into writing. Please note that one of the functions of the festival is to focus extraordinary funding for the arts into that season or window of time.                                            [Photograph by William Hays]

I am seeking individuals who may be interested in serving on the founding Board of Fantastic Wantastiquet. This will be a non-profit organization, will seek funding through grants and charitable donations, and will distribute grants whose arts & cultural work projects contribute to the local economy and to the themes and purposes of the Festival.


Two Simple Questions

I understand that last night the DRB was to vote on opening the Harmony Lot tunnel to auto traffic again.  Does anybody know the result of that vote?

What were the final results of the "Safe and Secure" poll you did Chris? 



Slow Medicine Discussion at the River Garden

Thursday, April 30 at 6:30 p.m.

Robert H. Gibson River Garden, 157 Main Street, Brattleboro VT

Michael Finkelstein, MD, also known as the "Slow Medicine Doctor," will present his approach to healthy living at the Robert H. Gibson River Garden in downtown Brattleboro on Thursday, April 30 at 6:30 p.m.

The session, entitled "Slow Living is Healthy Living," is sponsored by Strolling of the Heifers. Finkelstein will be joined by Orly Munzing, founder and executive director of Strolling of the Heifers, and Linda McInerney, founder and artistic director of Old Deerfield Productions.

Finkelstein teaches that most health challenges are the result of an imbalance in our bodies and lives, and that most quick-fix solutions actually exacerbate these imbalances. 


Enigma, A Word Puzzle From 1837

I know that many of you like word puzzles. Here is one found in an 1837 copy of The Phoenix newspaper. Can you solve it? (The answer was not published with the puzzle. I may find it in coming weeks. I may not.)



I am a word of twenty two letters.


Solarize Dummerston June 1 - Oct 1

Announcing Solarize Dummerston – a program created by volunteers to help you go solar. Solarize programs help lower the cost for installers and for participants by using volunteer and grass root efforts.

Sign up for free if you live in the greater Dummerston area.


Launch the Solarize Dummerston Program in Early Summer 2015
Simplify and de-mystify the process of going solar for the consumer.
Educate those interested in Solar on the options available as well as the technology.
Options will include roof mount PV, ground mount PV, as well as community solar.
Select an installer who offers a low cost quality product through group purchasing power.


Mr. G's "Final Markdown" Closed

Mr. G's "Final Markdown" store in West Brattleboro has closed.  A note on the door says that the West Brattleboro store ceased operating on April 12, but that other store locations are still open.  The Mr. G's in North Walpole, NH is probably the closest to Brattleboro.


Strolling of the Heifers Sets Theme, Seeks Parade Units, Volunteers

Strolling of the Heifers has announced its 2015 theme: “Love Your Farmer.”

The annual Strolling of the Heifers Parade takes place on Saturday, June 6 at 10 a.m. It is the centerpiece of a weekend full of events including a Friday, June 5 evening street festival, the 11-acre Slow Living Expo on parade day, and on Sunday, June 7, the Tour de Heifer dirt-road cycling rides, a Farmers Breakfast at The Marina, and a Farm Tour. 

The mission of Strolling of the Heifers is "connecting people with healthy local food, encouraging and facilitating innovation and entrepreneurship in the farm/food sector, and supporting the development of stronger local food systems and healthy, sharing, connected and resilient communities."

Founder and executive director Orly Munzing said, “We’ve grown from a small-town parade and festival into an organization that has a year-round set of programs related to that mission. But if you take away everything else, it all comes down to just those three words, ‘Love Your Farmer.’”


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