“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” - Upton Sinclair

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Today In Local History


Henry Dwight Holton, M.D. born in Rockingham


Groceries. White and Brown Sugars; prime Molasses; Raisins; Cassio; black and green Tea; Coffee; Cocoa; Spices all kinds; white and brown Soap, &c. &c., for sale low by Dwinell & McLallen.


1000 LBS. Tallow, for sale by Hall & Townsley.


A Promenade Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music will be given at the Town Hall, on Tuesday evening of next week, for the benefit of N. Wivild. Mr. Wivild lost his all in the failure of the Old Water Cure Establishment a year or two since, and his numerous friends take this opportunity of attesting the sincerity of their regard.


The Episcopal Church is now quite finished, and is regularly used by the congregation for purposes of worship. It is a neat and substantial specimen of church architecture. The grounds about the building have been laid out by Mr. Clapp, with his usual good taste in such matters. The first service was held in the Church on Sunday the 11th inst.


The sum of $1000 has been subscribed by prominent and patriotic individuals in this place, chiefly in sums of $25, which will be equally divided among the first one hundred accepted recruits who enlist in this Probate District within forty days from the 21st day of July inst. Has any other village done more?


Quite a number of dwelling houses are in process of construction on Prospect Hill this season — and no wonder, for the locality is pleasant, and good building lots are obtainable at not exorbitant prices.


The Home Journal says that James Fisk, Jr. the well-known Wall street banker, formerly of this town, has leased the Fifth Avenue Theatre on Twenty fourth street, for ten years.


As near as we can ascertain, the people of this village regaled themselves on about 200 bushels of strawberries during the season just closed, for which they paid the sum of $1600. This, of course, isn’t taking into account those raised by individuals for their own consumption.


Mr. Holden of Northfield, the “blueberry man,” whose annual appearance on our streets is looked for with an interest similar to that of St. Nick, has commenced his trips for the season.


Our readers will of course remember that the Circus of Stone, Rosston & Murray will be in town next Wednesday.


Work upon the new Unitarian church edifice is progressing very rapidly. The laying of the foundation and the placing of the granite underpinning was completed last week, and this week the walls are steadily going up.


The third and last meeting of S. M. Waite’s creditors, before Judge Tyler’s court of insolvency, was held yesterday. A protest was received from Waite’s counsel.


Emerson & Son have taken the agency for the “Climax” pillow sham holder and lifter, undoubtably the best article of its kind made.


C.H. Eddy & Co. are doing a larger bottling business this season than ever before, their daily shipments amounting to some 60 dozen bottles of tonic beer and 16 gross of ginger ale. The business gives employment to eight men, and a barrel of sugar is used per day.


The dogs of the Nettie Morris equine and canine paradox company killed several cats about town, and created havoc in the gardens in their chase after the felines.


The material for the electric fire alarm system has arrived and will be put in as soon as the poles are ready.


Work is already well advanced on the addition to the steamer engine house on Elliot street to give stable accommodations for the horses of the fire department.


The Philadelphia hosiery man who came to Brattleboro Friday to look over the ground with a view to establish a new hosiery factory here, was favorably impressed with the location, but could give no positive announcement as to whether he would locate in town.


There will be the usual cake sale this week at the rooms of the Y.M.C.A. The sale will be in charge of the ladies of the Episcopal church.


Brattleboro Police Department uses Tasers on protestors Jonathan Crowell and Samantha Kilmurray on Putney Road.

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Latest Stories

Brattleboro Senior Meals Weekly Menu - June 6 to June 10

Brattleboro Senior Meals Menu June 6 to June 10


June 6 - Ravioli w/Meat Sauce

Seasoned Spinach


Chocolate Pudding


Weekend Creativity Series - Cowbells (and Plastic Tubs)

“More cowbell!” you may be thinking. But how are they made? Let’s look at the creative use of metal to make a musical instrument.

I got to work with metal a little bit in school shop class. We were given rods and had to make screwdrivers by heating and pounding the metal. It wasn’t hard to get the shape right, but to get the metal to the proper hardness was a bit of a challenge. I think we also spot-welded some small metal boxes.

This cowbell-making project wouldn’t scare me to attempt, but it would require quite a few specialized tools that are not in my toolbox.


West Brattleboro Association Monthly Meeting June 9th

Hi, all -

The next West Brattleboro Association monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, June 9th at 6 pm at the Hayes Court Community Room on Garfield Drive.

The agenda is below the dotted line.

- Michael B.



Brattleboro Committee Meeting Agendas

The Brattleboro Energy Committee will meet on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 5:00pm in the Hanna Cosman meeting room at the Municipal Center.

The Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Finance Committee will meet on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 5:00pm in the Hanna Cosman meeting room at the Municipal Center.

The Brattleboro ADA Advisory Committee will meet on Friday, June 10, 2016 at 11:15am at Marlboro College Graduate Center in the VCIL conference room.


Brattleboro Selectboard Agenda and Notes - June 7, 2016

Brattleboro will be applying for federal funds to purchase land along the Whetstone as part of ongoing flood mitigation plans for the town. It’s on the agenda for the next regular meeting of the Selectboard at the Municipal Center.

The board will also sign off on applying for a Bond to pay for for police and fire projects, accept $200,000 from the state for I-91 detour impact paving, issue the annual dog warrants for canines without licenses, and more. You can bring up other items not on the agenda during public participation.


I-91 Brattleboro Bridge Replacement Project Update: Week of June 6th


Northbound I-91 traffic has been relocated onto the southbound bridge. Traffic will remain reduced to one lane in each direction on I-91 until completion of the new bridge. The new bridge will be 104’ wide and is designed to carry all four lanes of traffic –two northbound and two southbound. No additional restrictions are anticipated.

Route 30

The speed limit on Route 30 near the work zone has been reduced to 40 mph. Project-related truck activity on Route 30 will continue. Route 30 may be reduced to a single lane intermittently, with flaggers regulating traffic within the work zone.


Hurricane Damage Costs Will Skyrocket Due to Climate Change, New Report Finds

WASHINGTON, June 2 – Costs from hurricane damages in the United States are expected to increase 39 percent in the coming decades because of the effects of climate change and coastal development, according to a new report prepared by the Congressional Budget Office for Sens. Bernie Sanders and Patty Murray. The 2016 hurricane season began Wednesday.


Brattleboro Union High School Board Meeting Agenda

53 Green Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301


The BUHS #6 Finance Committee will meet at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 9 in the James E. Kane Conference Room, 53 Green Street.


The BUHS #6 Board of Directors will meet at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 6 in the WRCC Cusick Conference Room.


Seeing and Doing

I’m hung up on the unsilverlined silverback Harambe tragedy. After watching the video a few times, it continues to run in my mind. I see the great and beautiful primate clearly making a universal gesture of nurturance with its delicate paw.  His aura calm. Body language, unaggressive. Maybe I’m projecting, but I saw awareness and protectiveness on display in that enclosure. And a look, unforgettable, seems to be saying “Yo people, y’all know you dropped bambino in here, down here…Reading me?”

The subsequent hit on the ape, and ensuing flurry of responses, including laying of blame compels me less. But that’s sure interesting too.  [As a sidebar to this I keep thinking that if we can no longer recognize fundamental signs, mudras for benign intent- from creatures of our own world- what chance do we have of getting the right message when the aliens come visit?]


June 1882 Advertisement - Scott Dunklee

Scott Dunklee has exactly what you need, if what you need is a mowing machine, wagon, organ, horse, or sewing machine. This ad was in the Phoenix in June of 1882.


The Root Forum: Decolonizing for Indigenous Sovereignty

“If you're not aware of your location in relation to the indigenous people's liberation struggles of whose lands you’re on, then any liberation that you're fighting for is still gonna be colonization." - Klee Benally, Navajo artist and activist of Big Mountain, Black Mesa, AZ

The Root is working to gain a deeper understanding of what this means so that we can be in solidarity with indigenous liberation. We live, work, and organize on colonized land. The history of the Native people in the Connecticut River Valley has been intentionally and violently replaced. What we have learned about the place where we live is from a colonizer perspective. To decolonize our minds and our spaces it is crucial to un-learn the history of this river valley, so that we can better understand the Indigenous narrative.


Brattleboro Senior Meals Breakfast Menu - June


June 3rd – Scrambled Eggs w/Boursin Cheese & Spinach, Vegetable Hash w/Celeriac, Turnip & Carrots, Scone,  Fruit, Yogurt, Juice, Coffee.

June 7th - Corned Beef Hash, Scrambled Eggs, Muffin, Fruit, Yogurt, Juice, Coffee

June 10th  –Breakfast Sandwich w/Egg, Cheese & Sausage, Home Fries,  Fruit, Juice, Yogurt Parfait , Coffee


Brattleboro Senior Meals Weekly Menu

Brattleboro Senior Meals Menu June 1 to June 3

June 1 - Salad Bar

Lettuce, tomato, Potato Salad,

Cheese, Boiled Eggs, Sliced Chicken,

Green Salad Fixings

Fruit Salad


Democratic Party Turning Out to Be the Biggest Hypocrites in Vermont!

The Democratic Party in Vermont is turning out to be a bunch of flaming hypocrites!

I'm not listing all the forums I have not been included in as a Democratic Party candidate for Governor of Vermont, but this is the most recent one I found out about today that I have been excluded from; and now I can see the Democrats for their true colors.

I have not yet been invited to any Governor candidate forum or debate in Brattleboro.


New Scam - U.S. Government Grant Dept

I’ve been called several times from the “U.S. Government Grant Dept.” in Washington DC, informing me that I have been selected to receive a $7000 grant that I “will never have to pay back”.  The callers speak strange English. Not Indian Maybe Philippine.

Be aware!


Lost Beagle in Brattleboro

I was just at Avenue Grocery on Western Ave and learned that there is a missing beagle somewhere in Brattleboro.

The dog was in Harmony Lot with its owner, got spooked and ran away. I was told that it is a shelter dog, named Gypsy, and could be anywhere from downtown to I-91.

If you see a confused, scared beagle out there, get in touch with Avenue Grovery and they can put you in touch with the owner.


Guilford Plays Premiere this Weekend

Guilford Center Stage begins its second season with the premiere of a pair of one-act plays by Guilford playwright, Michael Nethercott, who also directs the production.   “Nocturne Titanica” is a unique take on the sinking of the Titanic. “The Lace Jury” is based on the first American all-women jury of the 20th century.  Interestingly, the historic events on which the plays are based happened within 6 months of each other in 1911 and 1912.

There will be three performances: Friday and Saturday, June 3 and 4 at 7:30 pm, and a matinee on Sunday, June 5 at 2 pm. at Broad Brook Grange.


Harris Hill Death

From the Brattleboro Police:

"Lt. Carrier

On May 29, 2016 at 09:12 hours, members of the Brattleboro Police Department and Emergency Services responded to the Harris Hill Ski-Jump for a report of a possible deceased male.

Upon arrival it was determined the male was in fact deceased.


I Will Not Celebrate Memorial Day

"I do not celebrate Memorial Day"

 I do not celebrate this one day

to commemorate the war dead.

I do not honor this one day

to remember their sacrifice.

No, I will not honor them

on this one day…


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