"The time will come when winter will ask you what you were doing all summer." - Henry Clay

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Today In Local History


Thomas Thompson born in Boston.


The shock of an earthquake was very sensibly felt here on Tuesday morning, a little before 5 o’clock, lasting some 15 or 20 seconds. It was also noticed in the adjoining towns.


Our merchants are in the receipt of some fine brands of Flour made from new wheat. Frost & Goodhue, E. Crosby, and Eayes & Stevens, have all some very excellent brands, but the latter firm claim theirs is a little best in the market.


The new “gasoline” street lights seem to be a failure.


At a special town meeting, a vote was passed by a strong majority authorizing the selectmen to expend $2000 in the suitable repair and improvement of the town hall. Some opposition was manifested, however, and we learn that a petition for another town meeting has been presented to the selectmen, when an attempt will probably be made to rescind the vote.


Mr. Lucien Howe and Miss Mary Howe are to sail for Germany, taking passage from New York for Bremen on the steamer Saale of the North German Lloyd line. Their immediate destination is Dresden, but where or under whom they will pursue their musical studies is not yet determined. Their contemplated absence will cover at least a year. Both will be very much missed in Brattleboro.


J.F. Coy, the suspected dynamiter and bomb thrower left town last Saturday afternoon by the 5 o’clock train, thinking, it may be, that his talents were not fully appreciated here. He went from here to Keene, N.H. where he was seen and recognized. The Keene officers have been notified as to the sort of fellow he is supposed to be.


The fall term of Miss Fitts’s kindergarten will open Sept. 6. The special feature of the work for the coming term will be nature study - with object lessons suited for the little people. The music and games will be especially adapted to that purpose.


The business of the Estey Organ company in the West is feeling the effect of the improvement in financial conditions. Everything is hopeful. An office has been opened in Chicago and salesmen are on the road, daily transmitting orders to the factory from agents newly appointed.


The right rear wheel of one of the Retreat coal carts crushed under the weight of its load Tuesday afternoon when near Wells fountain, every spoke breaking from the rim and hub. The load was transferred to another cart and taken to its destination.


Entergy announces plans to close and decommission its Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station in Vernon, Vt.

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Latest Stories

I-91 Brattleboro Bridge Replacement Project Update: Exit 3 Ramp Closure

This Sunday, 07/17/2016, I-91 Exit 3 on ramps closure scheduled from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM will now be from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM (I-91 will remain open).

Bonnie Clark
Field Office Manager
Public Relations Officer
PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.
41 Spring Tree Road | Brattleboro, Vermont 05301


Brattleboro Selectboard Agenda and Notes - July 19, 2016

The future of the Municipal Center is just one of many issues the Brattleboro Selectboard will take up at their next regular meeting.

Central Fire Station plans will be reviewed, the board will get a preliminary look at the 2016 year end financial report, they will hear about downtown activities, and consider an arts project for highways. All this and more. You can attend in person, participate, and bring up other items not on the agenda during public participation.


Brattleboro Senior Meals Weekly Menu

Brattleboro Senior Meals Menu July 18 to July 22

July 18 - Gino’s Hub Cap Pie


Mashed Potatoes & Gravy



I-91 Brattleboro Bridge Replacement Project Update: Week of July 18th


Northbound I-91 traffic has been relocated onto the southbound bridge. Traffic will remain reduced to one lane in each direction on I-91 until completion of the new bridge. The new bridge will be 104’ wide and is designed to carry all four lanes of traffic –two northbound and two southbound.

To reduce congestion on I-91, both Exit 3 on ramps will be closed on Sunday, July 17th from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (I-91 will remain open). Traffic conditions on both I-91 and through the town will be monitored closely throughout the day. Should traffic congestion become an issue, the ramps may be re-opened until traffic conditions improve. This will be managed actively throughout the day until peak traffic volumes have passed.


Two Sides of the Coin

I was so proud of our town last night when I saw how many people turned out for the Black Lives Matter rally and march. It was the most diverse group I've evr seen gathered in one place in Brattleboro; white people; black people, asian people, students, retirees, families with kids in tow, business owners, farmers, librarians...it was an impressive sight. It was a peaceful and powerful event and the police officers present seemed to understand that it was not - in any way an indictment of them but rather a unified attempt to stop the never ending violence in this country.

Reading the comments in the  article about the same event on the Reformer's FB page this morning elicited a very differnt feeling in me. While some of the comments were positive, most were displays of blatant, in your face racism, hatred and ignorance. Many commenters called BLM a "terrorist group" like ISIS and said the rally was only meant to be anti police. Horrible cartoons and memes were posted- people seeming quite proud about openly racist and, of course, the inevitable "terrorist" cartoons about our President.


Gubernatorial Candidate Meet, Greet & Lunch

Gubernatorial Candidate Meet, Greet & Lunch

Where: Senior Meals - Gibson-Aiken Center - 207 Main St., Brattleboro, VT  05301

When: Friday, July 22, 2016 at 12 Noon

Who:  Sue Minter, Vermont’s former Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Transportation, Irene Recovery Officer, and State Representative, is seeking the Democratic nomination for Governor in the upcoming August 9 primary election.


Will there be lunch?


Brattleboro Union High School Board Meeting Agenda

53 Green Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301


The BUHS #6 Planning and Policy Committee will meet at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, July 18 in the WRCC Cusick Conference Room.

The BUHS #6 Teacher Curriculum Committee will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, July 18 in the WRCC Cusick Conference Room.


Incident in New Hampshire?

I was traveling West on NH Rt 9 about 11 this morning, when more than several NH State Police cars passed me with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Anybody know wassup???


In Days Of Old When Knights Were Bold

…there were a bunch of families who owned and controlled everything.

They were known as “Nobility” and “Royalty”

And most of them were extremely wealthy by the standards of the time.

Many of these families still exist, such as the Habsburgs, the Hohenzollern, House of Orange-Nassau, and the Battenbergs (Anglicized to Mountbatten, AKA Windsor).

And they’re still extremely wealthy.


Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Caribbean Food Festival!

Greetings! We invite you to volunteer at Vermont JerkFest (www.vermontjerkfest.com).

We seek committed, enthusiastic and responsible people who would love to join in and contribute, meet new folks, and have a lot of fun! Volunteers get a cool t-shirt, a food voucher to redeem with one of our vendors, and a great time. Seeking volunteers for Friday set-up (10a-4pm); and Saturday - Zero Waste Champions, Set-up Crew, Parking Guides, Kids & Culture Zone, Registration, Vendor Coordination, Break-down, and Runners.

To volunteer, complete the Vermont JerkFest volunteer application here: http://bit.ly/VTJerkFestVolunteer

For more information or questions, contact us at info@vtjerkfest.com 


RT 30 Closure July 13th and 14th


On Wednesday, July 13th and Thursday, July 14th, Route 30 under I-91 in Brattleboro will be closed from approximately 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM to ensure the safety of the traveling public while work occurs on the new bridge.

Bonnie Clark
Field Office Manager
PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.
41 Spring Tree Road | Brattleboro, Vermont 05301
p 802-251-0709 | f 802-251-0695


Behind the Break

It wasn't until I was on a paddle-board at sea, standing-up and looking down at a series of waves, that I could truly see how their power gathers and disperses. While I’ve previously felt the curl’s whiplash on my surfboard and viscerally knew if I was in the right position to catch a ride, it took being both immersed and watching the pattern come and go from above to grok the groove that is wavelength’s expression.

Paddling with only your arms lying on your belly, trying to get up to speed, the wave will inevitably overtake you. Knowing exactly when by feel alone is a hard earned skill. From the line-up, you get an incomplete picture. It’s coming, it’s coming, then it’s past. An iconic example of ‘seize the moment’ if ever there was one. Fundamentally speaking, to surf a wave, you must put yourself in its unrelenting path. A sitting duck.


Which Four Year Show To Watch?

Summer is a time for TV execs to preview fall programming. So it is in politics, too. Conventions are previews for presidencies. What shall we watch for four years? Let's look at the choices.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton today, marking the official end of his campaign to become President and the beginning of his more-powerful-than-this-time-last-year campaign for major changes. This leaves us a Coke-Pepsi type of choice. Sorry, we're out of root beer.

Clinton has been laying somewhat low, presumably preparing for the convention and general campaign. It’s certainly hers to lose. She’s got more money, she’s been through the election cycle many times before and has the connections and “ground game” to pull it off. The Clinton network has reach and power.


Speak Now - Vermont Health Plan Premiums Are Headed Up (Again)

As you probably already know, healthcare isn't cheap in Vermont.  In recent years, our state's healthcare has been among the costliest in the nation, mostly due to low population and little competition in the so-called marketplace.  This year, the state's two health insurers -- MVP and Blue Cross -- have again sought rate increases, averaging over 8%.  If you're already struggling to afford healthcare and haven't seen an increase in your income in a while, such hefty increases in insurance premiums are going to take a toll.


2 Free Everyday Bicycling Workshops

Alice Charkes is offering two Everyday Bicycling workshops this week. They will take place in the back parking lot at the Brattleboro Food Coop. They are free! Come to one or both!

Everyday Bicycling - how to use your bicycle for doing errands and/or commuting - Wednesday, July 13th, 4:00-5:00pm

Fix-A-Flat & Bike Maintenance- Wednesday, July 13th, 5:15-6:30pm

Please rsvp if you plan to attend: acharkes@myfairpoint.net


BCTV Schedules For The Week Of 7/11/2016

BCTV channel 8 schedule for the week of 7/11/16 

Monday, July 11, 2016

12:00 am BAPC: Community Conversation on Stigma 6/2/16

1:15 am TED Talks: Allan Adams: What the Discovery of Gravitational Waves Means

1:30 am PCC: Understanding Rivers and Streams 6/7/16

3:30 am Global Warming Climate Justice Presentation: Brian Tokar

5:00 am UVM Comm Med School: Examining Medical Cannabis


Ukulele for Beginners Class, Starts Wed., July 20

Learn to play the ukulele from scratch in a small group class. We will learn tuning, basic chords and strumming techniques, and a bunch of fun easy songs to play.

Class runs for 6 Wednesday evenings, from 7:15-8:15pm, at Neighbor's Hall in Brattleboro. There will be no class on Aug. 17, and the final class will be Aug. 31. Sliding scale tuition $140-160.

Taught by Lisa McCormick. More info and registration: http://bit.ly/UkeClass


I Hid Some Treasure

I hid some treasure,( one of Zak Grace's energy orbs), somewhere beautiful. It needs to be found before it gets too cold. Consider that a clue.

Here is a link to Zak's webpage. On the second page, you can find pictures of orbs similar to the one that I hid.

If you search for this, and find it, please take the orb. It's yours.

But, please bring a small treasure with you, to set out for the next person. Something beautiful, and natural, and small.


Firefox "Urgent" Hoax

If you use Firefox and you get a webpage that URGENTLY tells you to download it, DON'T DO IT!.  It's malware.


Brattleboro Senior Meals Weekly Menu

Brattleboro Senior Meals Menu July 11 to July 15


July 11 - Roast Pork

Oven Roasted Potatoes

Green Beans

Melon Salad


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