"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." - Mark Twain

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Today In Local History


Thomas Thompson born in Boston.


The shock of an earthquake was very sensibly felt here on Tuesday morning, a little before 5 o’clock, lasting some 15 or 20 seconds. It was also noticed in the adjoining towns.


Our merchants are in the receipt of some fine brands of Flour made from new wheat. Frost & Goodhue, E. Crosby, and Eayes & Stevens, have all some very excellent brands, but the latter firm claim theirs is a little best in the market.


The new “gasoline” street lights seem to be a failure.


At a special town meeting, a vote was passed by a strong majority authorizing the selectmen to expend $2000 in the suitable repair and improvement of the town hall. Some opposition was manifested, however, and we learn that a petition for another town meeting has been presented to the selectmen, when an attempt will probably be made to rescind the vote.


Mr. Lucien Howe and Miss Mary Howe are to sail for Germany, taking passage from New York for Bremen on the steamer Saale of the North German Lloyd line. Their immediate destination is Dresden, but where or under whom they will pursue their musical studies is not yet determined. Their contemplated absence will cover at least a year. Both will be very much missed in Brattleboro.


J.F. Coy, the suspected dynamiter and bomb thrower left town last Saturday afternoon by the 5 o’clock train, thinking, it may be, that his talents were not fully appreciated here. He went from here to Keene, N.H. where he was seen and recognized. The Keene officers have been notified as to the sort of fellow he is supposed to be.


The fall term of Miss Fitts’s kindergarten will open Sept. 6. The special feature of the work for the coming term will be nature study - with object lessons suited for the little people. The music and games will be especially adapted to that purpose.


The business of the Estey Organ company in the West is feeling the effect of the improvement in financial conditions. Everything is hopeful. An office has been opened in Chicago and salesmen are on the road, daily transmitting orders to the factory from agents newly appointed.


The right rear wheel of one of the Retreat coal carts crushed under the weight of its load Tuesday afternoon when near Wells fountain, every spoke breaking from the rim and hub. The load was transferred to another cart and taken to its destination.


Entergy announces plans to close and decommission its Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station in Vernon, Vt.

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Latest Stories

Vernon is Back Online

We are officially introducing the new unofficial website for Vernon, http://vernonvermont.org/, created and maintained by Bronna Zlochiver (who also publishes the unofficial town digital newsletter) and myself.

The site will publish news updates about Vernon, town documents such as minutes, warnings and agendas, upcoming events, links to selectboard videos on the BCTV website, a weather forecast, a town directory with phone numbers and email addresses, and links to Vernon town entities, organizations and businesses. It also features a gallery of seasonal photos of Vernon scenes.


Our Town's ?

What's the latest on the skatepark, haven't heard much about this in awhile?


Brattleboro Main Street Sidewalk Update #3

This is the third project update for the Town of Brattleboro's Main Street Sidewalk Reconstruction Project. This update is getting sent out a little bit early this week to let you all know that on Wednesday, August 12, 2015, there will be a little bit of sawcutting taking place in the area near the Grove Street intersection (but still on the east side of Main Street).


Humanities For Artificial Intelligence

I’ve been reading about the early days of computers ((‘Turing’s Cathedral,’ by George Dyson) and one thing has struck methat I hadn’t considered before: we’re creating the digital DNA and artificial intelligence of future digital entities. Everything we have done with computers since their inception adds to the collective “being” of the next generation, allowing an evolving and increasingly complex core to develop over time.

An example: The very first instructions in code were for simple tasks, such as adding or subtracting. Those tiny sequences continue to be preserved today in every digital device made.


By Never Calling For Prosecution 'Left' Journalism Protects Investments In Continuous Genocide

Thesis: Western society’s progressive writers leave their readers with the impression that citizens of the US and allied nations will never be prosecuted for their mega massive crimes against humanity. Legal and moral implications and future ramifications are discussed and contrasted with ongoing litigation and warnings Martin Luther King gave.


Brattleboro Taxes and Utilities First Installment Due

The first installment of the 2015 Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes will be due on August 17th, 2015 by 5:00 PM. Payments made after August 17th, 2015 will have an additional 1% interest added to the unpaid balance.

The utility billing is also due on August 17th, 2015 by 5:00 PM. Payments made after August 17th, 2015 will have an additional 1% interest, as well as an 8% penalty added to the unpaid balance.

Payments can be mailed to the Town of Brattleboro, 230 Main Street, Suite 111, Brattleboro VT 05301. An official postmark of August 17th, 2015 will be considered as an on time payment. Please include the quarterly payment stub to ensure your payment is applied properly.


I-91 and Exits 2 & 3 On-Ramp Closures for Blasting: Today and Weekdays for Next 3 Weeks

Blasting Today

· The first blast will be at approximately 1:30 today.

· To ensure travelers’ safety, rolling roadblocks will be implemented on I-91 in each direction, and the on-ramps at Exits 2 Northbound and 3 in both directions will be closed for approximately 15 minutes.

· Traffic attempting to use Exits 2 and 3 on-ramps will be detoured to VT Route 5.

· Sound impacts associated with the blasting will be minimal.


Tech Help at Brooks Library

In addition to drop-in hours and as-needed help, Brooks Library offers regular weekly and monthly technology support sessions. Appointments are available weekly on Mondays from 3-5 pm with Electronic Services Support Specialist Cal LaFountain.

Drop-in hours are available monthly with Reference Librarian Jeanne Walsh on the First Tuesday and Friday of every month. In addition to direct help from library staff, the library offers free online technology courses, from Computer Basics to advanced applications, via Universal Class, free with your library card.


BCTV Channel 8 & 10 Schedules for the Week of 8/10/15

BCTV Ch.8 schedule for the week of 8/10/15

Monday, August 10, 2015

12:00 am VT Cannabis Collaborative: Presentation & Forum in Brattleboro 7/27/15

2:00 am Yestermorrow Summer Lecture Series - Transforming Historic Buildings

3:30 am Creation and Revelation in the Kabbalistic Imagination

4:45 am TED Talks: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: The First Women to Fight in an American War

5:00 am Road to Recovery: Preventing Homelessness Among People with Mental Illness


BENE Group Bringing rCredits Alternative Currency to Vermont

The Vermont BENE Group (Better Economics for Neighbors Everywhere) has been meeting in Brattleboro since January to discuss and plan for bringing the rCredits alternative currency to Vermont.rCredits is an online exchange of credits that can be spent instead of dollars at participating businesses or for making payments to other participating individuals. It has been operating successfully in the Greenfield Massachusetts area since the Fall of 2013.

The credits can be earned and spent locally, which encourages local circulation thus stimulating the local economy. In addition, both businesses and individuals receive incentive bonuses rewarding use of the system.


Reminder of I-91 Ramp Closings

Reminder: To help reduce congestion on I-91 during high traffic periods, VTrans will close both the Exit 3 on-ramps next three Sundays from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM: August 9, August 16, and August 23. Southbound traffic will be routed to Exit 1, and northbound traffic attempting to use the Exit 3 on ramp will be routed north on Route 5 to Exit 4. Officers will be on hand to control traffic. I-91 will remain open.

Cindy Cook
Principal, Adamant Accord, Inc.
Past Vice President, Association for Conflict Resolution


Sanders Supports Iran Nuclear Deal

WASHINGTON, Aug. 7 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today announced that he will support an agreement that the United States and other nations negotiated with Iran to limit its nuclear program.

Sanders issued a statement after a telephone conversation on Friday with President Barack Obama, who addressed some of Sanders’ concerns. The senator first publicly discussed his intention to vote for the agreement in an interview with John Dickerson of CBS News, which will be broadcast Sunday on “Face the Nation.”

“The test of a great nation is not how many wars it can engage in, but how it can resolve international conflicts in a peaceful manner,” Sanders said in the statement.


Weekend Comedy Series: Bo Burnham

Here is Bo Burnham in his one-person show, called “what.”

I stumbled upon him just today, after reading a positive shout-out from Ten Rose, who proclaimed Burnham a possible 21st century George Carlin. As such, I’ve only seen a few minutes of his performance, but it was enough to give him the spotlight this week.

Bo seems to immerse himself in a mix of theater, music, and humor. Did I mention music?


Thank You From Vermont Workers' Center

The Vermont Workers’ Center  would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their generous food and resource donations to support the Solidarity School held on July 26th & 27th 2015 in Brattleboro: Against the Grain Gourmet, Mocha Joe's Roasting Company, Amy’s Bakery Arts Cafe, the Brattleboro Food Co-op, the Vermont Country Deli, The Works Bakery Cafe, Brattleboro Time Trade, Price Chopper, Subway, Top of the Hill Grill, Superfresh! Organic Cafe, The Root Social Justice Center, Ellen Schwartz,​ and Spoon Agave. Special thanks to Kipton Tewksbury for his generous logistical support and and help in keeping  the workshop running seamlessly.


Brattleboro Senior Meals Weekly Lunch Menu - August 10 to August 14

Brattleboro Senior Meals Menu August 10 to August 14

August 10 Baked Chicken Breast

Sweet Potatoes

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Melon Salad


Brattleboro's Connection To The Gardner Museum Theft

Brattleboro has a connection with the famous art heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The guard on duty that night lives here.

The NY Times reports:

Mr. Abath, now 49 and living in Brattleboro, Vt., where he works as a teacher’s aide, could not be reached for comment. But he has long denied any role in the heist. Reached by phone on Thursday his wife, Diane, said, “I can’t deal with this right now,” and hung up.


Brattleboro Selectboard Special Meeting - Our Town, Retaining Wall

The Brattleboro Selectboard will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 5:30pm in the Selectboard meeting room at the Municipal Center. It is anticipated that the Board will enter into executive session immediately following the business meeting to discuss contracts and the negotiating or securing of real estate purchase or lease options.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Main Street Sidewalk Update

This is the second update for the Main Street Sidewalk Reconstruction Project. This week we continued preparatory work for the major construction by installing advanced warning signage around town and also by sawcutting the roadway and sidewalk. Although this may seem like a noisy and messy operation, it actually allows the contractor to remove the sidewalk in a much neater fashion. This will really help get those big slabs of concrete out smoothly in the tight locations.


Slogan 'Black Lives Matter!' Not Intended to Include Black Lives Taken by GI's Overseas

Leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement work in blatant disbelief of Martin Luther Kings moral and entirely logical warning; 'There will be no progress on social justice issues at home while we go on denying the very right to live of the poor overseas at a such an enormous expenditure of social and financial resources that make such progress at home impossible.' Read King's Beyond Vietnam and Why I Am Against the War.


Connecticut River Bikeway Routes Map Released

Are you looking for suggestions on bike rides in the Tri-State region this summer? The recently-released map of bikeway routes along the Connecticut River Scenic Byway can help you out. The map covers parts of three states and shows bike routes from Putney, VT and Walpole, NH in the north to Easthampton and South Hadley, MA in the south.

The map was prepared by the Franklin Regional Council of Governments in Greenfield, MA in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Transportation. The Windham Regional Commission (WRC) in Brattleboro contributed data for the Vermont portion of the map, which shows easier, intermediate, and advanced bike routes, off-road bike trails, bike shops, picnic areas, ice cream stops, and more.


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