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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Sorry about not giving a more refined subject to talk about but i don't feel its fair to just talk about 1 subject about Autism. I started this group so ALL who see it and are interested in it could bring up any subject about Autism they wanted too at free will! Kind of a online LOCAL AUTISM MEETING PLACE! Feel free to say what ever helpful things you have about AUTISM especially if it helps someone out!



Are you in touch with the I.N.S.P.I.R.E. School for Autism in Brattleboro? They are probably aware of different support groups in the area.




they only knew of the pre-school by the memorial park



Thanks Andy for the response!!!
We did contact INSPIRE VIA email they only teach ages 7-22 also the only support they knew of was a pre-school in brattleboro that is almost impossible to get into,
like a 1-2 year waiting list!!! Hence the reason i took a shot in the dark of posting something on here. There are programs that the state has too but its nice to chat, meet,ect... with folks on our own as well instead of being spoon fed by state programs
which are great to have and thankful for!!!!


The group

I'm interested in the topic, but don't fit the parents/people with categories.

You might try posting a few things to get things started in the group, so people will see what sorts of things you'd like to discuss. Articles, links, discussion topics, book reviews, a list of resources, etc… start filling it in and others will be more likely to join in.



Thankyou!!! Im not too savey on this on-line group starter thing.
Figured the ice got broke when we put a post on here but ya we'll think of a good refined subject.


I don't think you need to

I don't think you need to post about one specific aspect of autism. Maybe just something with a few more details about what you would like to start. Do you want to organize social outings with other families? Would you be interested in possible play groups for kids your child's age and what age range is that? Do you want to brainstorm with other families dealing with autism about local resources. It's been my experience on ibrattleboro that the posts that get the most responses are those that are a little personal, that give somewhat detailed information and that have some kind of focus. It doesn't have to be post that you spend hours agonizing over - just be open.


Maybe you need to give a

Maybe you need to give a little more information about what you're trying to do? From reading your original post I would have no idea what your goal is. Are you trying to set up a support group? Social gatherings for those dealing with autism in their families? Compare notes? The lack of description may be why you aren't getting any responses. Just a suggestion. Good luck.



Great! I'll keep it in mind!
Guess I figured its pretty much for "Parents with kids that have autism & people with autism", to just say what ever they wanted about the subject. For example Hi my name is So and So and my son has Autism I'd like to join this group because like you Id like to talk to someone in the area about maybe some tips, ways to support each other,
education, support, programs, ect... that other people might now about.
So guess I meant it to be a WIDE OPEN DISCUSSION GROUP FORUM.


Also ...

please feel free to contact us about anything you'd like to share regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder!





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