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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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150 Years Ago (1864 4/20)

Brattleboro, April 20, 1864.

Dearest wife,-

I am well. You must have been alarmed by what I wrote. There has been nothing the matter with me except
some bad boils. I am glad that I wrote to you on Sunday, as you will see by that letter that I was well enough to be on duty. I have not yet been excused from it. I have just lighted my candle to read a letter from Catherine. I wrote her a long time since, but it appears that she did not get my letter. This is the first evening in my new quarters. It seems good to be alone. Wish that you could be here to spend the evening with me. “My heart is in the Highlands, my heart is not here” but the body is. The weather is chilly and gloomy enough. Have had no sun for several days. The making of sugar is over here, but I think it must be pretty good weather for it in the North part of the State. It is cool enough here, but the season is over. I miss the chance of going over to Hinsdale. I have written to Jacob today.


The First Social Security Beneficiary

The First Social Security Beneficiary

The first person ever to receive a Social Security benefit check was Ida May Fuller from Brattleboro
Miss Fuller (known as Aunt Ida to her friends and family) was born on September 6, 1874 on a farm outside of Ludlow, Vermont. She attended school in Rutland, Vermont where one of her classmates was Calvin Coolidge. In 1905, after working as a school teacher, she became a legal secretary. One of the partners in the firm, John G. Sargent, would later become Attorney General in the Coolidge Administration.


Weekend Concert Series - De La Soul in Montreux

De La Soul has been on my mind lately. They were a refreshing entry into the rap scene, adding some silliness and psychedelia to a sound dominated, at the time, by bragging. De La Soul switched the rules around and broke rap open with others such as the Jungle Brothers, Tribe Called Quest , Shortie, Monie Love and others.

Suddenly there was room for some smarter poetry. Jungle Brothers gave us songs about eating well and respecting women, for example. Tribe lost their wallet in El Segundo. De la Soul rapped about potholes in their lawn, and daisies.


1902 Report on Necessary Fire Department Repairs and Expenses

From April 18, 1902, published in the Brattleboro Phoenix, a discussion of necessary repairs for the fire department:

"Your bailiffs report that during the last year they have thoroughly renovated the engine house on Elliot Street, repainting both its interior and exterior, putting on a new roof, putting in a bath room and improving the accommodations for the men permanently on duty there’ this house had not been painted for six years and the roof had not been renewed for ten, thus making there repairs absolutely necessary. The expense connected with this was about $1400. The repairs from the Estey Organ company’s steamer, which was damaged in the Crosby block fire, was another extra expense in connection with the fire department....


Scrapbooking? Crafty?

Any scrapbooking/paper crafts fans out there in ibrattleboro land? I'm going through my craft/art supplies and have quite a few nice 12" x 12" scrapbook/craft papers. Solids, lots of prints, vellum, 'linen'- a good variety. I also have a sample book of lace panels - many beautiful patterns- heavy fabric. I've used some as bckground when framing old photos and botanicals.


150 Years Ago (1864 4/17)

Guard House, April 17th, 1864.

Dearest Abiah,-

The guard house is my place until tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock. That is the time we change guard now. I have been pretty bad off for some ten days with boils. I was a little better for one day, that was my turn on guard, so I have not missed any duty and have not been on the sick list. I did not want the doctor hold of my boils. I had the management of them myself. I hope that I have had the last one. I did go to the Doctor sometime since and told him I wanted him to tell me whether I had the itch or not. He said that he thought that it was. He says that most of the men in the first company had it. He gave me some sulphur ointment and advised me to get some yellow dock. I have not taken any yet.


Greenwood School and "The Address" Featured Nationwide on PBS

Putney’s Greenwood School received national attention Tuesday night with the PBS premier of Ken Burns new film, The Address. The film shows how students learn to recite the Gettysburg Address, and how that process impacts them. Viewers get to follow along, watch the struggles and triumphs along the way, and see the results. If you missed it, I have it embedded below.

I never had to memorize the Gettysburg Address (it looks like a tough assignment!), but I do know the relief and exhilaration of mastering something difficult. It can be a life-changing experience to do something that seemed impossible. It makes other, future impossibles possible. This film captures that process quite well.


Brattleboro Union High School Board Meeting Agenda

53 Green Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301


The BAMS Committee will meet at 7:45 a.m. on Monday, April 21 in the BAMS Conference Room.

The BUHS Teacher Curriculum Committee will meet at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, April 21 in the Cusick Conference Room.


Pierre Bensusan at Next Stage on Friday, April 18

Next Stage Arts Project and Twilight Music present French-Algerian acoustic guitarist, singer and composer Pierre Bensusan at Next Stage on Friday, April 18 at 7:30 pm. If World Music is music that pays tribute to the spirit of a collection of human beings through distinct rhythms, traditional instruments and harmonic colors, Pierre Bensusan can be recognized as one of the most eloquent and diverse world musicians of our time.

Born in Oran, French-Algeria, in 1957, when France was decolonizing its Empire, Pierre Bensusan's family moved to Paris when he was 4. He began formal studies on piano at the age of 7 and at 11 taught himself guitar. Influenced in those early days by the folk revival blooming in Britain, France and North America, Bensusan began first to explore his own diverse musical heritage and then moved to the horizons beyond. At 17, he signed his first recording contract, and one year later his first album “Pres de Paris” won the Grand Prix du Disque upon his debut at the Montreux Festival in Switzerland.


It’s a Family Affair at Sandglass Theater as Ines Zeller Bass hands down shows to daughters.

On Saturday, April 26th, Sandglass Theater’s Co-Founder, Ines Zeller Bass, will pass the torch as she and her daughters, Jana Zeller and Shoshana Bass, take to the Sandglass stage with “Kasper, Fritzi, and Me”.  

Not just an afternoon of delightful puppetry, this momentous occasion celebrates the work of Ines Zeller Bass’ and the rise of a new generation in Sandglass Theater’s history.  “Kasper, Fritzi, and Me” features three of Zeller Bass’ most cherished puppet pieces: “Punschi”, “Tschokolino”, and “Fritzi’s Flea Circus”. More Here 

This special presentation is the final event in this year’s Winter Sunshine Series at Sandglass Theater.  Admission is $8 and reservations are highly recommended. To reserve your space, contact Sandglass Theater by phone (802) 387-4051 or email info@sandglasstheater.org. With poetry and song, daughters and mother take to the stage together as Zeller Bass ceremonially hands over her iconic puppets and objects: 


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