"Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children." -George Bernard Shaw

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Today In Local History


Colonel John Sargeant died this day. His gravestone reads "Sacred to the Memory of Col. JOHN SARGEANT, who departed this life July 30, 1798, in the 66th year of his age, who now lies in the same town in which he was born, and was the first white man born in the State of Vermont."


The Esteyville band will give an open air concert from their new band stand Thursday evening, August 5th.


The new lithographic picture of Brattleboro, drawn and executed by L. R, Burleigh of Troy, N.Y., has been delivered to the subscribers this week. The drawing is correct in detail and the mechanical execution is good, reproducing with faithfulness and with considerable artistic effect the general impression of the village in perspective.


Brattleboro's trolley begins operation. Ridership reported to be 2,500 daily by year's end. Operated until 1923.

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The Wild Peacock of West Brattleboro

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150 Years Ago (1864 7/30)

2 miles Beyond Harpers Ferry, on the Virginia Side of the Potomac, July 30th. I did not have time to finish this before the troops were in motion. Crossed the Monocacy, went to Frederick City, then took the road to Harpers, got to Jefferson at 12 o'clock Midnight. You may guess we slept sound. Crossed the Potomac at the Ferry yesterday at about noon on a pontoon bridge, and came here on the Second ridge from the river. It is now 10 o'clock A.M. And have not moved yet. Hope we will lie still today. May move in the afternoon. The stragglers are coming in, limping along. The men need a little rest sadly. It is sore feet mainly. Health otherwise good. I am all right.


Sorry For Palestinians But Not Calling For Nuremberg Laws Prosecution of Israelis

Countercurrents.org, Kerela, India and Minority Perspective, UK

List of articles which fail any intention to bring the law down upon the perpetrators of genocide in Gaza, a continuation of the colonial crime against humanity in Palestine, that forced creation, through a fomented war, of a new colonial state in British occupied territory. UN as successor to the League of Nations was obliged to respect and bring democratic independence to in fairness to all its residents

It is shocking how few are calling, and have not called over the years, for prosecution of Israelis under the universally recognized and signed on to Nuremberg Laws on genocide, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace. (And please everyone don’t be drawn in to any purposefully equivocating discussion of 'war crimes,' because there hasn’t been a war since World War Two, despite the deceptive labeling as a 'war' every years-long ‘police action’ or ‘humanitarian intervention’ by the Neocolonial Powers in order to foster protective Geneva Convention status to military forces bombing, invading and occupying smaller nations.)


Missing Kitten in Clark-Canal Area

There is a black and white kitten missing in the Clark-Canal area of Brattleboro

Please call (802) 380-6576 if you find him.


Leahy Introduces Historic Bill To Ban NSA's Dragnet Collection Of Americans' Electronic Communications

WASHINGTON (TUESDAY, July 29, 2014) -- Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) on Tuesday introduced legislation that would restore Americans’ privacy rights by ending the government’s dragnet collection of phone records and requiring greater oversight, transparency, and accountability with respect to domestic surveillance authorities.

The updated version of the USA FREEDOM Act released today builds on legislation passed in the House in May, as well as the original legislation Leahy introduced with Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) last October. The legislation bans bulk collection under Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act and other surveillance authorities, requires the government to narrow the scope of a search to a clearly defined “specific selection term,” adds needed transparency and reporting requirements, and provides key reforms to the FISA Court. In an editorial on Monday, the New York Times wrote “the bill represents a breakthrough in the struggle against the growth of government surveillance power.”


Delayed Brattleboro Office Openings For Several Town Offices on Wednesday, July 30

Several Town staff members will be required to attend an in-service training during the morning of July 30, 2014 from 8:30am to 10:00am. The opening time for the following offices will be delayed until 10:00am on Wednesday, July 30:

Town Manager


Corren Campaign Seeking Interns

Dean Corren for Lt. Governor is seeking campaign interns. Turn your free time into a valuable and exciting experience or connect with your school to receive credit for your work. We are looking for individuals to help with:

  • Volunteer Managment
  • Lawnsign Distribution
  • Issue Research

Meteoric Body Seen Passing Through The Heavens Over This Village

In the iBrattleboro’s column “Today In Local History” of July 28, 2014 the leading entry from 1860 reported:

“A meteoric body was seen passing through the heavens over this village at apparently no very great height on Friday evening of last week. The time was about ten o’clock and not more than a minute was occupied in the passage of the brilliant object. It lighted up the heavens with great brilliancy, and with its long and illuminating train it was momentarily thought to be an enormous piece of fireworks.”

On Oct 20, 2012 Halley's Comet Orionid Shower visited the Northern Hemisphere and on that night standing in the center of Prospect Graveyard on South Main Street three Brattleboro residents had agreed to meet at 10pm. This is my email newsletter sent the next day:


Vermont Launches Windham County Economic Development Program

Applications Due September 23, 2014 

MONTPELIER, Vt. – The Windham County Economic Development Program is up and running and looking for applications with creative ideas that will help Windham County grow jobs and bolster the region’s economy. 

On July 28, the Agency of Commerce and Community Development released a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) and the application for the first round ($2 million) of the funding made available by an agreement between the State of Vermont and Entergy. 


Carlos Morales on WVEW

Its time for yet another experience that you won't soon forget..this time we go down the rabbit hole of Child Protective Services with Carlos Morales. Carlos Morales is a writer and podcaster at Truth Over Comfort. He’s a child rights advocate who’s spoken at Liberty Forum, Liberty Fest, and on a host of shows regarding his former work as a Child Protective Services Investigator and how to protect children from the state.

tune in this tuesday , July 29th from 6pm-8pm on Brattleboro Community Radio 107.7fm and streaming on www.wvew.org


Is Quick Cash Possible in the Digital Age?

With everything digital, what do the kids sell when they need some quick cash nowadays?

In the olden days of, say, the 1990s, we had physical CD’s, albums, books and such that cold be sold relatively easily for cash. The quick cash would often help us young folk survive a few more days until payday.

Increasingly, everything is on hard drives. What do young people do now when they need a few dollars to smooth their cash flow issues?


150 Years Ago (1864 7/28)

Near Frederick City, July 28, 1864.

Dearest Wife,

Here I am out in orchard, a little west of the battle ground of Monocacy, pronounced Mo-nox-y. I received a letter from you yesterday and sent one. Had to send it by a citizen I met in the road. The last three letters I have sent to be mailed just as I could. One of them I am glad to hear you have received. We left Tenallytown day before yesterday a little afternoon. Came just through the town of Rockville; stopped over night, the country very fine. Yesterday came through Nielville, Clarksville to Hyattville to this place. The country yesterday was poorer and quite broken.


BCTV Channel 8 & 10 Schedules for the Week of 7/28/14

BCTV Ch.8 schedule for the week of 7-28-14

                   Monday July 28
12:00 am      Crown Point Road 250th Anniversary End to End Hike: Pt1
2:00 am       FSTV Overnight
4:00 am       Green Mtn. Vets for Peace: Drone Warfare Pt.2
5:00 am       Morris Dancers in Brattleboro - May 24, 2014
7:00 am       Spotlight on Issues: Efficiency in Vermont's Energy Future
7:40 am       TED Talks: Nicholas Negroponte: A 30-year history of the future


"Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em"

At 5:30 on the morning of October 28, 2011 our Brattleboro Fire Department responded to a fire alarm in the Elliot Apartments complex on Elliot Street. A 76 year old cigarette smoker had ignited a fire that killed her, injured and hospitalized two others, temporarily displaced 55 tenants for the day, caused extensive burn damage in one apartment, created serious water damage in apartments below and caused costly and time-consuming repair damage.

All of that just because of one careless cigarette smoker…

An estimated 7,600 smoking-related fires in residential buildings occur each year in the United States. Each and every year cigarette smoking-related fires are a leading cause of residential fire deaths.


150 Years Ago (1864 7/26)

Tuesday morning July 26th.
Here we are yet. Things packed ready to move. Teams nor cattle not turned over, so it appears we are not going to Petersburgh again, just yet. Don't fear up there in Vermont. Richmond has got to fall. Grant is working easy but sure. The rebels are as averse to charging as are our men. There is no use in it on our side now. The main thing is to bring the pressure on them and if there is any charging let the Rebs do it. Zopher went to see Jacob yesterday. Have not been up to the third division. I told him to tell Jacob to write for me, as it was so wet that I could not write. Night before last was a rainy one, and it rained all the forenoon. In the afternoon it cleared off and I got out my paper and commenced, and am now near the close. Is there anything doing up there in the way of recruiting? I tell you, if the men are forthcoming and of the right stamp, this rebellion must go up.


Twilight on the Tavern Lawn Presents Planet Zydeco on Sunday, July 27

Twilight Music continues its 12th annual Twilight On The Tavern Lawn series of folk, world beat, rock, jazz, zydeco, Celtic, swing, blues and bluegrass summer concerts on Sunday, July 27 with an evening of high energy accordion/guitar driven dance music of Louisiana by Planet Zydeco. The seven concert series continues every other Sunday through August 24. All concerts begin at 6:00 pm in downtown Putney on the Putney Tavern lawn (bring a lawn chair or blanket) or at Next Stage at 15 Kimball Hill in case of rain. The series is sponsored by the Town of Putney, Soundview Paper Company, Next Stage Arts Project, The Stockwell Brothers and many other Putney businesses and organizations. The concerts are free to the public (donations are accepted) and food will be available.


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